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  1. Too much blue to be honest, and dark colours = :thumbdown: (didn't see last one so can't compare)
  2. Yeah basically the fact everyone is growing up and moving on plus the changes in Runescape I guess all effect clans and cause decrease in members and then clans close etc
  3. Best of luck to future clanning for those who were in Illusion :grin:
  4. REMOVE YOUR AVATAR god damn it!

  5. DingoAte


    Here are some freaky alien creature things that I got :ohnoes: and two faces
  6. DingoAte


    One awesome program :thumbsup: I got this and thought it was worth saving. Evil pirate skeleton thing with a beard :ohnoes:
  7. Yeah can you pick a better sprite sheet because those are far too small
  8. Cool :) Going to make something after school.
  9. They are nice colours :D Bottom one seems random, all nice sigs though :thumbsup:
  10. Those are some nice sigs! In the nature one maybe a different color would look better, grey kind of ruins it I think. The Annihilation Conquest one would be better with just the light on the left, my eyes are jumping from light to light not knowing what to look at :ohnoes:
  11. Ancients staff looks too small and something about the guthan dude doesn't look right :? Also the dragon scimitar looks too skinny. More detail could be put into it eg the lava is just 1 colour, along with the ground.
  12. Thanks for the tut! I'm going to try it later. Never knew about mask clipping until now :shock:
  13. The text looks like its floating/trying to balance on the brick wall. I think since the text is 3d the bricks should be too which can be done on the right. I don't like the colour of the text :(
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