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  1. My favourite is the harry potter maze one but you can easily tell it's a fake :cry:
  2. DingoAte

    New Tag

    I think the flow should be following the direction of the hand, just a guess :oops:
  3. Actually that was my bad, thought you said top right. :wall: I was going to say "The light source is top right is it not?" but I just assumed you knew what you were talking about #-o
  4. Lol haha I feel like an idiot now xD
  5. Awesome :) I would love to see that coloured in digitally!
  6. Looks very good :D I think it would look better with that light bit in the top left corner removed.
  7. I'll try and make my next animated sig more realistic
  8. Heh I saw that link in one of your posts on another thread and currently loading a few of the tutorials :)
  9. Looks like counter flow :ohnoes: the whip and lightning going in opposite directions.
  10. I like both 1 and 13 hard to decide #-o #13 gets my vote :
  11. Any comments on no. 1, 2 and 3? EDIT: 4 too I forgot that one
  12. It isn't really an attitude I just prefer the basic shape style characters. I guess I will search for some guides though. If you know any really good ones please post.
  13. Not flash, I use GIMP :P I like the basic shapes for characters it is basic and simple :cry: I don't really want to learn proper character design that would take years and years and I am content with the basic shapes.
  14. Ahem well. I am just a beginner at making signatures but I have made a few now and I thought I would post them here for some advice. I think they are worth posting, I don't think they are junk, I am proud of my work so don't pull me down. People in my clan love them but they aren't really artists and I know a lot of you are really good and so I am a bit scared on what the comments will be :ohnoes: I know some of these are basic but I like basic signatures I think they look nice and clean and crisp. Anyway I will put them in order or when they were made, with oldest at bottom. I am not putting every single signature I have made. 1, 2 and 3 were made following tutorials. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Rate/CC/appreciate :thumbsup:
  15. MoD hasn't really talked about that and I doubt we will become a mechscape clan along with RS.
  16. Good luck! However I agree that you shouldn't find people from outside for this.
  17. That would just mean people can have text automatically added to their posts I highly doubt that Jagex will allow images as signatures on RSOF.
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