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  1. hey remmember me? theres no bd around anymore last attempt was made by sport a while ago it was really the best clan around alot of members went too di but now theres no clan with any specific alot ammount of old bd think most quit Triumph through turmoil!
  2. no but many expect them to whitraw to the 1967 limits or some even the 1949 limit the actual givin areas by the un if i remmember years right not good at that
  3. boarder checkpoints isent indeed but the airspace and their water was an occupation then also remind that gaza isent a countrie most of palestine in the west bank is still occupied
  4. hamas is extremly voilant but in geneve convention and un stuff all occupied people have the right to resist whitout being "terrorists" so hams is extremly voilent but they aint terrorists they are occupied citizens that is resisting the occupation power isreal
  5. be apart in a socialist revolotion in any way posible
  6. or maybe simply expand the freedome FROM religon in usa ;)
  7. i dont like cluster fights but this event has certainly made clan world a bit intresting again
  8. you have a point but also dont forget someone who have never been in usa but have lots of friends from usa that have told u how it is living there alot during many years etc etc also gives quite a good picture of how it is living in a countrie specialy in "bigger pictures" like paying high tax for army while u get very little back and have to struggle for simple health care. the cultural diffrences etc are more hard understanding from stories so its not all lived there vs statistics its also other ways of learning about it ;) and amarican foreign policies are basicly imperialists when european empires crumbled in ww2 usa took over it not by marching armies everywhere like colonial eurpeans but mainly through economics and political pressure and if that dident work as last resorts war like vietnam iraq etc also someone mentioned earlier saddam killed 750'000? do people count the iraq iran war or what is that couse he dident "musterd gas" that many
  9. drugs taking ur life is not about not working and going to school even if it seems like it it will be a chain it will take over ur life compltley and u will be a slave to the drugs and ur need for them...thats what they mean (the softer drugs are not this [cabbage] but they often lead to stronger stuff)
  10. only time it worked was goldeneye the films based on games always sucked aswell not a video game but could runescape movie now be a new plan for jagex after the book #-o
  11. bring back a serious discusion about socialism vs capitalism or as he said communism reformism vs revolotionarsm stop with the douche stuff it just redictulus....
  12. u can already see effects from it right now hurricanes in carrabean that are longer seasons and records all very often heat in africa making it harder for people to grow the food etc etc im sure there more examples that bring death right now if this is made by humans? i think we are making the natrual phenomoman worse i mean all that pollution crap gotta do something right?
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