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  1. It's very easy to criticize Israel when buses in your country do not explode, killing everyone inside and when your homes aren't constantly bombed by rockets, and your options to retaliate are limited. A common misconception that has been repeated in this thread that I'd like to point out is that jews left Israel some time during history (some say 4000 years ago, in our national anthem it says 2000 years ago) this is not true. There have always been jews in Israel, even when they were few (talking tens of thousands). Another point is that palestines were offered a large portion of Israel (45%) in 1947 in the UN partition plan, which they declined because they wanted the entire country to themselves. We, of course, accepted it. The next time your country is attacked by 5 opposing armies combined, each one more powerful than yours, you do what seems fair and moral in your eyes. Just like Israel does when the palestines keep bombing our towns (sderot)? (and we do "suck up" the attacks, barely doing anything due to international opinions limiting our options to react). If this were to happen in your country I'm sure you would immediately symphatize with the enemy though. I would do anything in my power not to let my child be a terrorist's last defence, and that is what they are. (although I'm not a muslim extremist wanting his children to die in the name of Jihad) Palestine terrorists surround themselves with children as a means of defence (which is extremely effective, affecting both Israeli generals' decision making and international public opinions when innocent palestine children and civilians die). But who cares about preventing the deaths of tens and hundreds unknowns when you see the deaths of a few before your eyes? Last thing I'd like to say is Israel has been willing, and has indeed given land numerous times in return for peace, and that will probably happen again. I hope so at least. We are willing to make compromise. We don't need the gaza strip, nor do we want it. We do have the right to live here and defend ourselves, whether you agree or not. Offtopic: So so creepy. Are you writing this from jail?
  2. I actually remember the exact moment when I had to learn. I had a mean kindergarten teacher who forced me to do it. She didn't let me go anywhere until I learned. :ohnoes:
  3. Holy crap, I'm buying an Xbox. :thumbsup:
  4. prove it? Are you an idiot? Both of you have the same argument. As for myself, I would choose a loved one provided there'd be no implications to my choice other than said deaths of 3000 people.
  5. How disappointing. This thread is not nearly as disgusting as the one about [wagon] hair.
  6. Most memorable games I've ever played: Altered Beast Commander Keen series Runescape (not RS2) The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast multiplayer
  7. I would nod and agree with her every belief. :thumbsup:
  8. I fail to understand what is so amazing about FFVII... Heh, I can't objectively put my finger on what's so good about it either but it was definitely the FF I enjoyed the most. There was something about the battles, the characters and the atmosphere of the game that made me keep playing. FFIX I also really enjoyed for many of the same reasons I liked FFVII. FFX I didn't especially like. Sure, its graphics were awesome for the time, and the battles looked great but some of the atmosphere was lost and the characters were annoying [cabbage]s. EDIT: Oh yeah, FFVII haters suck. They just resent the fact that something popular can also be good, and want to be "unique".
  9. 18 hour movie? Are you [bleep]ing crazy? No one other than the hardest of the hardcore fans would have the patience to sit through it. The movie would fail. You can't realistically put everything that's in the books in a movie whose length an average person is willing to sit through. In my mind the movies are pretty damn good.
  10. Short answer: no Long answer: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  11. You must live a pretty good life for this to bother you. Who cares anyway, just join another clan or something.
  12. You're not creating anything when using premade code and graphics. Creating a non text MMORPG is an extremely difficult mission for itself. Trying to create an MMORPG that barely resembles RS as it currently is alone would take tremendous talent, knowledge and time.
  13. Hmm, I've learned not to expect too much of Lucasarts anymore. I hope this game turns out to be a good one but I'm keeping my expectations low.
  14. Hehe, your reputation as a movie freak is well earned indeed. Nice title. :mrgreen:
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