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  1. yeah, like maybe not removing time every time you get hit by a snake


    or increasing the chance of getting an outfit piece at a higher thieving level (like what they did with the dg recipes ish)


    or making it possible to complete the outfit BEFORE you hit 99


    maybe we can be crazy and put a deposit box next to the mummy or something

  2. oh, so the reason why you have to wait a day is because the snow acts like raffle tickets, and they're just using that to disguise that they're selling raffle tickets in treasure hunter, and it's even WORSE because it's not whole tickets, they're putting FRACTIONS of tickets on there


    and that somehow this still isn't gambling because you get lamps or something?????????


    hmmmm *sideeyesideeyesideeye*


    btw, they said that you're supposed to get double snow from killing this week to the 9th, and skilling next week to the 16th, so maybe kill more this week instead of trying to skill for it


    don't forget to get your THREE FOURTHS OF A TICKET from burthrope each day

  3. they could have just sidestepped all of this! they could have made it more about the void creatures, and then stick in vague hints of elder god meddling here and there. who were these immense beings which left their mark so many worlds? why are there so many ruined civilizations in the void, and what of these creatures who speak of the Great Task? that would have been a way cooler teaser, while showing players who already know something different (more stuff about the void) while still touching on elder god lore. instead of an old lady going mad and falling into a hole because a big ol gremlin told her to do it, why not shove the player into the void and have them poke around instead, and they could have reused void assets (which have some pretty cool details already made) instead of four nearly nondescript caves of different colors


    they put the player into the quest AFTER the cool thing happens, and then they tell us about all of these cool things while we deal with some fussy stone heads and their stone minions while kipple, the most interesting character in the quest, does all of the important stuff, and the only time you get a real feel for his personality is if you initiate it yourself, and then at the end, after the second cool thing happens, he just shouts some generic crap about being too late and explodes, instead of anything about the void that we could have rubbed our brains on (i mean, we already know there are void creatures)


    runescape always hints at cool things happening, but rarely delivers, and then by the time they do put some up, we find out that they just kept smokescreening because they had no idea how to make cool stuff because they spent so much time hinting at it instead of actually making it and getting practice to do it faster and more efficiently by figuring out how to make nicer things with less assets, instead of just wasting assets everywhere and dragging the graphical speed down on things that people only look at just a few times, with their concept of saving on time limited to putting up terrible looking things they've already made

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  4. Any clue if Heart of Stone is supposed to fit in post-FOTG on the timeline, just that it doesn't have FOTG as a pre-requisite? This would mean that FOTG, like MPD, now occurs in the past.


    as I previously mentioned, if this happened after that quest, it wouldn't really make sense because the player would already know about this and even to some extent where everything is located, plus a few other elements in the story (like say, THE ENTIRE STORY) which would have heavily changed the outcome, but they have a dialogue option for people who already did FOTG too, but then Zaros would have had different dialogue if this happened first (he doesn't, this quest doesn't even register when I go back to talk to him), so really, they tried to split it both ways, and screwed up massively because there's contradictions for it happening IN EITHER DIRECTION

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  5. man i am glad i bought those bonds earlier when i was thinking about getting more runecoins with them


    still, i don't really know what they're thinking with their idea of raising the barrier to entry when the only rise in quality has been a halfhearted graphical overhaul (that's glitchy) and, well, the microtransaction content


    the average rate of update quality has dropped a noticeable amount, and the only redeeming parts of elf city have been somewhat eroded by jagex's sense of balancing, while all of the really wasted parts was because they had people vote on nice sounding content choices that they were never going to deliver on in a satisfying manner, but allowed rampant speculation as to what they would do, anyway


    and in order to accomplish that they had to stuff another content type into the garbage while its organs were sold to the highest bidder, while the elf city advocates gently reassured me that their choice wasn't going to do that, but I don't see any damn sign that it's not effectively dead for several years (they tell me the name is still alive, but the skeleton might as well be buried in the himalayas)


    until they repair their design and garner enough balls to make a stand where it actually counts instead of holding to shitty concepts that were undermined ages ago while letting other concepts that were important to gameplay get trampled into the dust, they're just going to keep driving players away when they find out that all of these trailers were just made to hide the crap its covering

  6. [hide]

    More excited about the prehistoric abyssal titan then anything els in this quest tbh.


    We know the kin survived the last rebirth by hiding in the abyss, but this is the first hint we have that there are other sentient races and worlds surviving in it as well.


    And with the strength of the titan could there also be gods or god like beings surviving in the abyss as well. Feeding off the leftovers from each rebirth and growing stronger and one day hoping for revenge against the elders.


    Would make sense then with the titan waking the gods early before they feed on enough anima and theoretically being weaker for it.







    i feel more like they're just things that have always lived in the void, but it is possible that they were just cast there from another shattered world


    but i get the impression that the void does horribly wrong things to creatures


    I also feel like they tricked xenia into doing something other than cutting the anima mundi like outright lying to forward a goal we don't know about a la dead space or mass effect, but it's hard to say


    if xenia isn't dead this is really going to shit on our parade later



    if jaskra was keeping tabs on the player the entire time (or indeed, the entire world) it is sort of odd that it didn't already know about what was happening, even with the damage


    i am not sure what they could have done to make this less stupid for a low level quest, but i feel like maybe they could have made a short story that was related to the elder gods to fill it out more in a lore way instead of hacking up npcs indiscriminately? the golem's plot arc was more interesting than the main one, and the talking heads seemed to have more to say, but they weren't given anything


    they could also stop relying on the player base for the sole source of design choices and then taking them and filling up all of the gaps with sand but they're not going to stop doing that are they


    side note: ffs are they using the same fist pounding animation five times in a row


    jagex is probably getting the most money it has in years but it seems like more and more of it is ending up in their pockets and they're spending the rest of the budget all on expensive looking visual/audio stuff that is badly designed and hiring people who make games for children to pad it out after tying up most of the things we enjoy in content that will take years to see the light of day




    I did the quest and all I have to say is Ariane is a completely mindless idiot.

    I actually agree... Why can't she accept that the world just needs to rely on nuclear and fossil fuel to get things done in the [fantasy] world now.



    Well I more upset with the fact that she would doom the entire world/universe for the sake of keeping magic for herself. Seems very selfish to me.



    they're both stupid, the anima mundi is important for other reasons than having magic (pretty good chance that without it zanaris might just fall out of orbit), it's too bad they both decided to do dumb shit faster than the player, who knows about this crap more than either of them


    this was a terrible introductory quest considering that it had to account for all of the stages of quest completion, which makes even less sense since if you do this first, zaros doesn't have to plan to wake them up since this already started it, and that it shouldn't be so easy to [bleep] the world up


    there's no chronological consistency anywhere along the timeline for this quest, we asked for a lore thing, we got a bunch of teasers THAT WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT, a few spots of unsorted information, and they killed somebody for a dumb reason, in an even dumber sequence of inconsequential events


    runescape has the most pointless character deaths ever


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    Just in case you were wondering, the "Great Task" being referred to here is the same thing as the "Great Revision" that Zaros talks about.





    Can someone explain what to do with the JasKra puzzle?




    In order to create a connection between points of data, sometimes the simplest approach is the best approach.


  10. I would have just thought that a population that arranges itself based on their skillset would be more distinctive in regards to their own clothing, and have designs reflecting their form and function, such as more aprons for dirty work, and lighter and/or ceremonial clothing for the cathedral workers and spiritualists, gear designed for mobility on fighters, elegant outfits for musicians, etc, instead of "leaf patterns one through five"


    this isn't as much a technical issue as it is a "we're not going to commit manhours from solomon store stuff for things people won't be paying directly for, even in the place where we both want people to spend their time and not spend their time in because we can't decide how to focus our content"


    if they were so concerned about it taking longer to load in different textures, then they shouldn't have ever made so many cosmetic overrides that it takes me ten minutes to load everybody's individual outfits so that it stops skipping

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