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  1. gargoyles are now even more of a joke before it was like shooting fish in a barrel, now it's like putting those fish into a blender
  2. I'm mostly annoyed at not getting the wintumber tree because i wasn't a member at the time, but otherwise it's basically how it's always been
  3. I just found out right now that if you summon the spirit in the bar and THEN beat up Johnny, beating up Johnny counts as the spirit's requirement and takes out both steps at one time (two birds, one arm). The accompanying text box even refers to him by name. btw, the new stuff is in now
  4. I wish they had given an option to recolor the pet by using an egg on it... the pure eggs seem completely unnecessary otherwise also jagex wasted a completely good opportunity to make several hundred jurassic park jokes
  5. i mean, they can take responsibility for livid farm, but are they going to actually do anything??? otherwise words words words words give us more money, we'll keep stroking that comp cape long john crappy low duration boosters do not count
  6. i would like to see some tier 75 boots and gloves for ranged that are equivalent to gano gargoyles need to give me a reason to actually pay attention when i'm fighting, though
  7. their earlier excuse for not having a standalone client was that they didn't want to give anybody an unfair advantage, but frankly we're kind of past that point considering that people still lag anyway
  8. it's been a while for me. with the new stuff we have now, which shipwright should i be using?
  9. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It was a bit too oversaturated before, and the more subtle look is pretty beautiful. more importantly, we'll finally be able to color balance our outfits i mean ffs i keep turning orange whenever i go to freneskae
  10. incidentally, since a prior release changed the BA deposit box into a chest, fishing urns are now selling for 5k each
  11. well, at least you only need the head to eat the fish
  12. making arrow shafts from logs smithing iron nails free bolts
  13. i would like to return to some of the funnier smaller quests too, it's not all about preventing the planet from exploding
  14. people hold off on playing content because content at release is often a hazardous or overcrowded place, jagex also, because they're busy training a lot it feels like they've been cutting a lot of corners lately to deliver what appears to be bigger things but are just repainted old things just to give the impression that they're maintaining productivity when they're trying to cover for not having anybody with a clear path of progression in mind working on their content. everything they do seems to just be buying more time in the hopes that they'll strike a miracle by sheer chance (that being renewed interest in the new content that amounts to writing fanfics as a continuation of where the lore ended with the people originally in charge) and they won't have to admit that all of the people who had the spark for inspiration are mostly gone and that they're coasting on their legacy. or, as i put it, the console version of terraria
  15. there may not be money in the sink, but at least it isn't blood
  16. Note: you can just hand the urn directly to Ernie instead of teleporting it, if you don't want to screw it up.
  17. there can also be a tie in with factions strongly desiring some of these newer invention products to get a leg up on the competition
  18. To me, ideally Invention would be kind of like a catch all like dungeoneering, but instead of constantly discouraging people from playing it until they're maxed, low level invention items should be things that are very useful for low level players that are the culmination of low level skill/combat training, and as they level up, they can take these useful items and continuously upgrade them until they're hulking monsters of/extremely efficient tools that grow with their user. You would feed these tools excess items from training other skills to hone their characteristics/increase the growth cap, and you would get perks from using those things over time as your understanding of how to make it better or use it more effectively grows with experience. It would be a combination of things you wouldn't be able to trade because they're customized for your use, and consumables which create weird new ways of doing things. As it is, such a system would not necessarily require an actual skill, since you could just track growth by the items you make instead, sort of like how the PoH aquarium isn't necessarily a skill in of itself, but a thing that grows like a skill.
  19. I assume that if people tie in points, they're gonna go by total time spent in the quests. However, if they really wanted it to make sense, they'd force everybody to start a new account, and add another designation in the hardcore menu for the competition. I'd allow signups in advance and then make it so that those accounts can't log in until the competition starts.
  20. nah, you can just repair them normally (base cost 2.5m)
  21. the crafting menu's hilariously wrong, i got like about 35k base exp from the mainhand wand which was then multiplied by my bonus exp but i don't have the exact number because my game lagged at that point and it flickered away in half a second
  22. wgs is mostly long because of that one stupid tunnel segment followed by the even stupider tunnel segment with the druid ghosts that would force you to go back to the bank to get stuff and then come back if they just so happened to ask for something that you might accidentally drop or not even be there "content"
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