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  1. The game is getting pretty high levelled now, and higher quest reqs means theoretically better rewards. I figure its worth a shot. If it wins we can bump up quest reqs by player mandate, and if it loses well at least I tried. it's only marginally worse than the most recent req of 96 fishing
  2. [hide] Chapter 1 Soon I will return to my homeland. From what I have learned it is more than in need of my guidance. The god wars have begun again and Guthix has fallen. Much as i respect him I now can see that his passive stance has brought nothing but corruption and collapse. I should have returned sooner and persuaded him to turn his powers to heroic endeavour, but I will not be an oathbreaker, not even for that. From what i can see from this distance it appears that my world and people face dire threats. Not only has that sanctimonious preacher Saradomin appeared, but some upstart called Sliske has goaded the gods into some sort of grotesque display of force. In addition I can tell a perfect jewel like Gielinor will soon draw the attention of outsiders. That brutal monster, Tuska, will not ignore this prize for long. Nor will the Queen of Ashes waste time recruiting the downtrodden to her infernal cause. I can even feel the tendrils of Xau-Tak have already taken root somewhere on the world. All of these taints will need to be cleansed away! Before I begin I must set forth my plan for how to defend my people, and the people of the world Chapter 2 Firstly I will need to work on the quality of the mortals available. Even the Fremennik have become indolent and lazy compared to the heroes of old. A return to the old way, coupled with a harsh training regime will soon put a stop to this. The Moon Clan will need to switch from contemplation to warrior magics, as well. I feel confident that many of them will become competent warrior-mages as a result. Recruitment will not be too much of a problem. I will first start with the goblin races. My personal strength coupled with a mercy they are not used to experiencing will win me many converts. The ogres and trolls may take more work, but I can steer this world's heroes towards eliminating any competition. As the god wars continue it will not be too hard to find further material for building my army. The dispossessed and vengeful can make a good addition to my forces. Chapter 3 I will also need to form a coalition of lesser gods to oppose the bigger players in this game. This has worked on multiple occasions before and will serve me well again. As the higher-tier gods tear themselves apart they will leave chances to strike. I and my companions will take these chances. To bring these other gods on my side I will need to employ trickery and statesmanship. Pulling the forces of a larger god into conflict with the reluctant will provide them little opportunity to refuse joining forces with me. By leading from the front I will secure their friendship and trust. With these two weapons at my disposal I should be able to enact a more fitting version of Guthix's plan. The gods will be swept from the world, sadly including my allies. I will of course need to fake my death at the hands of the last to be destroyed, but my 'death' will fuel my final victory. I will of course need to think of a new version of the 'carry on my legacy, my people' speech. Chapter 4 With luck this will leave behind a world free from gods, filled with heroes unbound by the decadence of the present civilization. This wil leave me free to journey elsewhere before my wanderlust becomes too great. Much as I would like to install myself as a permenant resident of my homeworld, this would both go against the spirit of Guthix's ideals and leave many good deeds undone. By faking my own death I will be free of further requests for aid, other than the most desperate pleas. Returning in a blaze of glory like a risen phoenix appeals to my sense of the dramatic. If I act swiftly enough I may even be able to head off to check the advances of the outer gods. [/hide]
  3. i still don't know how they screwed up so hard that they couldn't undo one modifier, unless it was more than one, in which case, WHY
  4. it's a good thing that IOU one reckoning was never redeemed
  5. no, that was just the explanation for the original barry i don't know if the tribute is any different
  6. not gonna talk about that any further but i don't think it ever stopped
  7. granted, Bandos had to destroy an entire planet to realize that he shouldn't burn down everything for the hell of it, but Saradomin's destroyed at least SEVERAL planets and he still hasn't figured out what his mistake is the "traditional" 3 god lore was from the earlier days of rs and was the predominant belief of saradomists in the f2p world up until the 6th age started bringing that lore back from members into the whole of rs
  8. eh, i don't feel too bad about it, the barrier got hit pretty hard by a lot of changes over the years if anything, the actual issue is the wealth barrier, and if invention consumes enough of the lower level raw materials that they are actually able to make money from it, i wouldn't be opposed to that i would be using "whale" in the context of high end players screwing around in solomons, not for something that could walk jagex through the first steps towards actually making something sensible
  9. i really hope they add the "wreck noted items" upgrade option to the normal crushers at some point
  10. wow, i didn't know you got them in such a fancy case maybe you should just keep them as souvenirs :P
  11. if the runes created aren't enough to be equivalent to the booster cost, there's not really much point, especially when it isn't working towards the final wicked cape tier lol
  12. if you kept the vouchers, you should bring them to the next runefest and ask them to exchange them for bonds lol
  13. From the font and the pictures and the exact arrangement of objects and usage of names, it looks like they bought a license of a port of a chinese mmo created from the one chinese mmo generator that the owner's been using to create licenses of the same game over and over. Looks like it also came with the standard P2W cash shop package. It's designed to take money from people until they get bored with it. Not really a step up from what they were doing before, unless their intent is to outright scam people out of their money for the actual project because they couldn't afford to do anything else.
  14. Look, as long as they continue to research ways for them to isolate and contain the most unpleasant RS players, I'm all for it.
  15. to put it in simpler terms, instead of just a collection skill and a refining skill, now it's two or more of those pairs feeding into another tier of refining
  16. now, say, if they had made invention first, as an elite skill, then started to make more of those, and built elf city to be a massive collection of elite guilds BASED ON THOSE ELITE SKILLS, elf city would have made like, five times more sense
  17. it's entirely possible to do the fight without healing if you keep your eyes open and your feet moving, but other than that, send a bug report
  18. from what I've experienced in quests, Zamorak has been largely reasonable about negotiation (despite his past actions), while Saradomin just bawls like an infant the moment somebody tells him he can't have what he wants both of them have resorted to unsavory means to accomplish their goals, but only one of the two are forthright about the matter
  19. I loved visiting Kimberly's family again and finding out that the only thing they added was one small line of dialogue of the PC lampshading how ridiculously outdated the content was.
  20. don't forget the dagonhai that aren't [wagon]...still waiting in their caves while zamorak is already here
  21. I just want an excuse to carry rock salt, a pair of rubber boots, a mirror, a bell, and volatile explosives around with me everywhere I go
  22. "The Sixth Age, is where you, the player, get to decide what fate lies in store for Gielinor" *event arbitrarily decided by threshold set by Jagex* note: the bandos/arma gear might actually be useful concerning a certain 2 minute cooldown event ability...
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