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  1. sort of concerned that the rax/rago/raids team is handling it though, i'm getting kind of tired of running from aoes and prayer switching well, y'know, as soon as hearthstone got big everybody's feeling the itch to follow blizzard off a cliff again that being said it'd be nice if they took RS and used elements of it to make the game, like a simpler tactical version of RS, but not saddled with the halfassed thing that mobilizing armies was which they should really just replace with armies of gielinor already
  2. This requirement was removed from the fremy elite tasks, I believe it's still there, it's just not a required task
  3. given the last two solomon's outfits that's clearly not a trend being set here
  4. Well, it's more that they're providing a pool of victims. Like every other PvP update. However, the key difference is that it's established that the entire game is PvP from the start, and that everybody's scrambling out from roughly the same circumstances, which means that even with different goals, all players understand what they're getting into.
  5. people are reporting that the crystal rod doesn't stack with shark outfit, gg
  6. Note: you will need a rune crossbow, 4 mahogany planks, a mithril grapple, and a hammer n saw to construct the hidey hole for the waterfall. Also presumably some ridiculously high level of construction. (people were also using overloads before the drakan fight, cough) as for the cosmetics, i heard they were having some issues with them, probably the walk animations
  7. i would just have to wonder how a parrying blade would be expected to deflect projectiles without specialized training
  8. there's also a manual force choke that just happens in the later phases
  9. oh, right, there was a construction requirement uh i guess making extremely stable barricades in a matter of seconds takes a lot of skill?
  10. either ice or blood spells, depending on which thing you're fighting
  11. the only reason i died at the boss was because i lagged out at some points because the same issue from the last fight, that being the arena is made out of one million fixtures and that the bombs attack creates a bunch of animated objects at the same time, causes lag at all the wrong moments oh and that one time i got hit by the instakill attack, but i never got to find out how it worked
  12. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/The_Lord_of_VampyriumRIP whatever we voted for. if it's any comfort for you, they didn't get what they wanted either "i look forward to seeing how many gravestones end up outside" for those who are wondering what sunspear does, try it out
  13. hey guys, you know what we needed a one handed level 75 weapon with fastest speed that has zero equivalent offhand weapons that could go with it
  14. not bad work, it looks exactly like the quest costume, except not made of leather and knives and is actually flesh as for there not being another meeting history style quest...they've forgotten about robert's letter, haven't they time loop needs to be closed, guys
  15. i rub salt in the wound by using golden sara wp gloves/boots/cape to fill in the rest of the slots well, one of my two sara sets anyway
  16. so, maybe just half as slow? combat requires more resources, and is even slower if you don't have the best resources, or know how to fight them with the method that they thought they fixed, but just made it slightly more complicated. if anything, i'm hankering for the set effect that increases crystal drops that they're really taking their time on
  17. I think ironmen weren't barred from the christmas event because it didn't have the kinds of prizes that the normal raffles have, like complete armor sets or darts
  18. i hope they put him in the d&d later just to honk at people
  19. why do you think it ended up in the trash barrel
  20. Considering that recent hack of a grandmaster we had, it's probably more that they're making corrections to their definition of quality work.
  21. wonder why they use her new model in the flashback whoops everybody ignore that the fourth wall must be preserved
  22. i'm done with your decade old knowledge let's talk about how seren's artist was like "they'll never know i copied some scales off of the rune dragons"
  23. well, for humans i mean it's not as if different species have the exact same physiology as every other race, that would be oversimplifying- wait, hold on, i'm being told that they can have children with icyene and mahjarrat, so of course our characters would be super surprised about something like this another fine creation from fridge logic creations from the people who brought you "okay, so, there's these weird blobby things that are called metroids that latch onto people's faces and suck them dry, and they're being controlled by a giant brain in a tank. but hold the phone samus is a WOMAN???!?!?!?!" "i get that the crystal gems are all alien rock people from space, but there's no way anybody in an entire genderless species would ever be romantically attracted to another person of that species, because i don't think their nonexistent organs match, reproductively speaking" "guthix brought humans here through a big glowy hole thing and gave them magic rocks. zaros is a magical fart cloud wearing a cloak that came into existence from the dreams of a giant, stillborn god. i get that. but angof was still totally a dude that had to change their body to become a woman."
  24. "I hate your grammar, therefore your post is invalid." oh, i'm sorry "I hate your grammar; therefore, your post is invalid."
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