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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. I think for me it's getting my head round the concentration of the doing pretty much the same thing for that amount of time. It's a crazy amount of commitment to something they enjoy and it's a shame people describe them as "no lifers" etc; it's certainly respectable to be able to be able to organise a lifestyle round that and maintain it for long periods of time.
  3. I row (crew) and consistently run on 3/4 hours sleep a night with 5/6am starts for 1st training session, but that's keeping myself active for multiple hours a day. I couldn't imagine sitting in front of a computer for those huge amounts of times.. I get bored of programming after a few hours.
  4. The site is up now and you can apply for the closed beta.. http://www.stellardawn.com/
  5. Make it in a new box, and as certain monsters have different attack styles (i.e magic) then we should have three boxes stipulating the max of each type of attack?
  6. i doubt it, i think say at level 44 it would be EXTREMELY rare for extra runes... and at the other end of the stick I'm sure 91+ would have a chance of 3 natures per essence? which would keep it balanced
  7. I'm going to call [cabbage] on you. You can either take it as a compliment, or not. Either way I'm just going to point out the obvious that the vast majority of people who post stats like that are 100 lb lying losers. I'm going to take it as the former, when I have a chance i'll post up a video of it.
  8. Bench, 150kg (330lb) one rep max Squats, 210kg (460lb) one rep max (I think, not done this one for a year or so) I am 6ft 2" 224lb though.
  9. Why don't you have the latests ones visible on your first post and the older ones in a hide tag rather then having to scroll through all the time to find the latest?
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