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  1. Vidi i left IRC when my permissions was removed and i dont intend in any way to go back there unless they are reinstated but since they (erm the peerson conerned) thinks i'm a sercuity risk and i suppose to know nothing about irc... i doubt that be happenign anytime soon or ever. but i will pm u maybe tomorrow on msn my nw location ;)
  2. well i was going to leave as soon as i mad that first post.. but so many replies soon after and well i guess those that know me know i wont igonore them. Yes i suppose finally SIlverion and myslef have parted ways in away... gah so hard to post about thee things.. hes a dear friend to me more than he ever know i guess. he trusted me when he had no reason to really.. to run this site and to do other things yrs back.. but i will say now, cause we parted ways at present .... well *sighs* I will miss him probaly more than tip.it but i also enjoyed working with him even when he BIT my head off when imade serous mistakes at times, we only human after all. BUt as i said you never know there maybe just that silver lining of a cloud. Runescape though i like the game... i deal with so........ many......issues..... in game .. i dont get much peace and why i said i leave tip.it along with runescape cause the two go along with each other. When i join this site and i HOPE silverion remeber s this,,, we worked on the site cause the game was free, it wasnt to make money at all... Times change, along with staff.. they all have their own ideas.. I guess I am just too old to change my ways.. Long story and would take ugh load of posts to explain. I am going to miss tip.it ALOT. more than most would understand but most of all i will miss working with Silverion. (but I hope when i get my life settle , we may maybe... fid a way to work together again, but not on tip.it/runescape.) runescape has done nothing but cause me headaches. not the boards or the site in other areas. and i wont go into that. i might even said to much nw, but as i said i wish all the best for this site and its staff and users guys.. i left the building yes... but i know , well hope that you all be loooked after as i looked after you. IF not u will see me back ranting :D :twisted:
  3. OI you !! where are u on msn you old git lol :D u too old of a git to remove lol like Studie haha (hmmm dont tell stu i said that lol)
  4. Never!!!! :cry: :cry: I'm sure that you will be sorely missed by everyone, Lightning. There will always be a place for you at Tip.it. Good luck with everything, and hopefully we'll still see you now and then :( ATM i find that very hard to beleive! no offence meant to you at all. if that was the case then my problems here would of been sorted out over a month ago. ( gah i wont go into that on public boards) tripsis I wish you all the luck as a new admin here and no hard feeligns at all between us okay 8-) we cool :) you a great boody admin and maybe a little crazy hehe but helps lol just a thought... don't end up with rsi and go insane like me :twisted:
  5. my kids been banned from the net for the past 2 months, cause i do not want them ending up like me... you won't see them in runescape or any other game online either they know how cracked up and upset i been the past few months. ( i cant go into that either) but as i said i wish silverion and tip.it all the best.
  6. Hiya all Some of you know me well, other don't. doesn't matter. This is a post that I never thought I would make but I have to. I resigned from tip.it/runescape a few weeks ago and no I will not into why etc into the reasons why i felt i had to do it. All i will say is that I hope whoever takes over from me will make sure Silverion is on top of things and also cause i am resigning form tip.it i will no longer deal with any issues with Jagex or play runescape. This is mainly cause tip.it and runescape went together and I can't deal with it. One went with the other, and don't expect most to understand that. I will be deleting everyone from my msn/icq/yahoo/aim regarding runescape and tip.it. I will still be running my own sites and irc server, those that know it are welcome of course. It is a VERY SAY NIGHT for myself and I will miss a lot of you. As some of you know I left before but i am afraid this situation that I have, will never be sorted. My own fault really I should took my resonabilty in some areas but ah well .. I like to give othe staff a chance and i don't like dealing with certian areas of tipit. Tip.it and Silverion I will ALWAYS hold dear to me heart. he trusted me without no question and I never once let him down except for scapeboard problems but we found a way out of that finally. I wish all the best to Silverion and maybe one day we may work together under different conditions again. ( you never know, but one can hope, but like finding a cloud with a silver lining :() Going to miss you all but most of all I will miss this site. Now i made this post Admins! u can remove my admins avatar! Lightning out :cry:
  7. If this happens, please private message me here the names. Also if there is a time zone not covered i need to know please and i will see about getting that time zone covered then. Thanks Lightning
  8. Guys I'm very sorry that you had to put up with this spam. i am currently really on leave from tip.it and i have no desire to play runescape at this present time but however I will add any user to the list for perment ban from chat. Just send me a private message here and i will take the action necessary but it won't stop those users from making other characters u. I hope that Jagex will update their rules to stop this kind of thing but then clan chat was not meant for sites guys. I will add more users to have kick permissions but this will take time, as I have to get to know the users there , alot of users know me but i really don't know them and i'm sure you will understand that i do not want to just give permissions to anyone...
  9. The main problem with tipitchat currently is only the clanchat holder can set permant kicks by adding a user to ignore list on the account that holds the tipitchat. Really Jagex set this up for clans and not sites and theres no way i can be online 24/7. I will look into more users there to have kick powers later today. But spammers really come and leave chat so quickly its hard for any user with kick powers to stop them. All i can do is get a list from user in chat for those that need a permant ignore from chat when im online. I am aware of certain spammers that have rhq in their names, but i'm sure that the staff over at rhq wouldn't do this to us and i ask you all not to spam their chat please. It most likely some bad users just trying to set sites at war and iwe are too smart for that tactic :) for that to happen.
  10. Okay guys. One i'm posting to let you all know that i have read what you said. and two to explain a few things which have been covered mostly but lets just say, i make it offcail from me. I do not like to see conversations going on about certain high players, when that player is not there to defend him or herself. Chuck jokes To be honest i'm sick of them, if one person starts chuck jokes then other join in and those that are in chat alot , do get tired of it. If there is too much Chuck, then someone will say give it a rest or something along those lines. We had some strange conversations in that channel, some good some not so good. But i try not to restict users in talking about anything unless it breaks Jagex rules or or own rules. I have no problems about users talking about bots / sites providing you do not link to those sites, or tell a user how to use or install any 3 rd party software (unless its computer related like a firewall etc im fine with) MOst of us hate bots etc and sooner or later someone will blast off about them, thats fine providing it doesn't break rules. Regarding users with kick powers. Some of you may kow that not all with kick powers are staff from here. When i set up channel, I have to cover 24/7 , purely cause i do not want anything nasty going on there if no staff were around and certainly i do no not want to upset Jagex in any way. Clan chat was for clans not sites! :) We did something that i feelJagex didn't think we would. I have currently over 40 staff and trusted users with the ability to kick anyone out of the channel, they all been chosen by me and i have to trust others as well to run the channel when staff ain't there. We do have a fair amount of pmods that pop in there as well. If for any reason you feel that any staff or trusted user is abusing their power, then simply please contact me, with the name of the person concerned and your runescape name, so i can look into it. So far over all things have been fairly good there considering the quickness it was set up etc. We have had some minor problems with spammers but that seems to be settling down as well now, With a open channel that anyone can join, there's bound to be one or two minor problems now and again. I have been told that certain times of day there is still not enough cover in the channel, and i will deal with that tomorrow when i'm online there. I can not make staff use the channel, it wouldn't be fair to them, we all like our peace now and again to play ;) including myself.
  11. Regarding ranks. well a friendlist can only hold 100, to add ranks i have to add a user to friendlist... and the friendlist is getting abit loaded atm, i cant remove anyone from friendlist as it drops their permissions. So unless jagex extends the friendlist then i don't see that we will have ranks for users. Give it a week or two for all staff and trusted users to be added to permissions and i see how many slots i have left after.
  12. when tipitchat logs off, the chat still stays live, thank goodness.
  13. Just a note, we or I havent really had chance to think things through enough yet. But we are considering in making more channels, but i am waiting to hear back from Jagex atm to see if we breaking any kind of rules etc, or they have a problem with it. Once i know, then we will most likely make more up in the day or so. to be honest i need sleep and think about all this, i really not yet had the chance to think straight since i got online :) or talk to any admins here properly about it all.
  14. Actually it's just the WEBSITE you shouldn't be able to post. If you named IN-GAME your clan as "tip it', then you should be able to refer to the in-game clan name itself. Just to be unambigious, you should probably name your clan "tip it" or "tip iters" without the dot (tip it, not tip.it) so it doesn't look like a website address. Well i spoken to Paul and slightly to Andrew about some problems in game and also just sent in a msg to Jagex explaining what and why happened. They have poped into our chat , so they know the problems i'm up against. I dont think Andrew or Paul or Jagex thougth that sites would use clan chat, so anyways they aware of the problems , and i wait to see what happens next. I do not want to upset Jagex in anyway. We did a offical one to stop rouge ones appearing which could be both damaging to this site as welll as to users in game if they dontknow our staff and cant tellt he difference between a scanning one and real one. and yes im aware i messed up on the char name for clan chat they are aware of that also, i will deal with it when i can. I can assure you though the char will not be used in game.
  15. oppsy ingore this msg wrong topic.
  16. I expect things to be a little crazy for a day or two in clan chat, due io it being new etc etc, So please have patience :) i'm certainly not use to all the chat onscreen in rs, im normally a very quiet person :) Oh whoever it was that pm me, thanks, it was already being spoke about just i over slept this morning and missed the patch up. oh just one small thing, please don't feel that you being ingored by me if you talk to me there nad i dont respond, i got 101 things on go atm :) i will try to be as socailable as i can.
  17. As i think i seen from these posts, no one has asked why this boy such long hours. I been addicted to many things over the years myself and i also seen it in my own kids. It is not always the parents fault, no one knows why the parents hasn't stopped him, its all one sided text i seen. Alot of parents do actually get scared of their own kids, (not in my case and i'm not saying this is the case with this family, just stating a fact here) but i seen it in my friends families, and to save them hell, they let the child do what they want and don't ask for help. Father says his kids life being stolen by addiction to games, but does not say why it happened or why he hasn't taken the steps to stop his son. There is alot of grey areas there, and news reporters never ever report all the story. I hope for the father that now it is news they will get the help they need, no matter who is to blame or the under laying problem that cause it. When my kids started to get addicted it was mainly over the fact they were unhappy with life, it took me a few months myself to see what was happening but i took steps to find out the cause. I'm lucky that my kids can actually talk to me about almost anything and the problems got sorted out. ALot of families i know, let their kids play too much just for the fact there really isn't alot to do around area they live in or the area they live in isn't so nice. I could go on and on about this subject and as i said theres alot of grey areas that wasn't covered in that news, and so users shouldn't jump and make judgements on that father or son.
  18. I quit so many times i lost count. Now i just say i'm taking break :D Which im kinda on atm, only cause I got lotro for awhile to play with, but always end up back at rs after a few weeks to play for a week o two then take another break. I guess its the community as well that helps make runescape.
  19. If you on snowbourn server which is the one i use and you want some help to do some quests you can't handle (this is mainly to new users to the game or under/same lvl as me) add me and send me a tell, if you say *HYT* then i know you from here and basically give me a shout and if i'm not in a fellowship/or in a quest myself , i will come and give you a hand. I ave loads of deeds in the lower areas of lotro to finished :) So be a excuse for me to return tot hose areas. Username Quo
  20. Not sure what you mean there hun. I am on xp pro and IE7 and firefox. Main problem with the game is your machine requirements. When they say minium requirements they mean that ;) I had to get extra memory stick for my machine to play it, I'm currently on xp3200, rad 9200 graphics, 1 gig memory.
  21. Snowbourn is like english/europe server Moneldor is for like USA etc Its about the same price of membership as WoW. You ge a month free when you buy it, (that is if you buy the standard game pack) If you know someone that brought Lotro, then you maybe able to twist their arm in letting you have the guest pass for 7 days ;) Between WoW and Lotro, I prefer LOTRO but then im not really a pker. I guess i could say the game is more Quest based and they are fun to do with fellowship or kingship. I haven't met one player yet that i could say i won't play with, they all seem extremely nice there and helpful if you get stuck on a quest or anything else for that matter. I would say if you unsure if you want to buy it, then visit that link in my first post on this topic and take a good look.
  22. Hiya all. I want to know and see who plays LOTRO, for those that don't know what lotro is, it is Lord of the Rings Online game. http://www.lotro-europe.com/index.php Tip.it are having two official server for our users though it maybe more laters. currently our two are Snowbourn and Moneldor. I would like to know what servers you play on and what chars etc etc. I'm currently on snowbourn server, under the name of Quo, i'm a minstrel (healer) for those that don't know what they do :) i'm currently lvl 23 slowly rising.
  23. Just a note to Mercifull ;) We did have burstnet ads at one time, im not sure if we still do as i dont handle the ads here, but i do remember at one stage also having some problems with them with unwanted ads :) Most sites not just runescape related fansites suffer from those buy gold ads from difffernt games, as Silverion said they change the darn url and hard to keep up with. With the problem of flash ads, If they giving you trouble and i certainly hate them myself, then please report them to one of our Admins. Our i could make a topic up later where you can report the ads on that topic, so all that handle the ads problem will know where to go to find all your complaints. For Silveiron to explain all about why we don't use certain ad companies etc, would take a long time to explain to you all and even then i doubt most here would understand the problem, No Offence meant at all* but also english isn't Silverion's first language and would not be a good idea for him to try and explain the nitty gritty of it all. However we are always looking for new possible ad companies, and if you do know one that MIGHT be suitable for this site, that will not put adult/mailware in their ads, then please contact me and i will look into the T & C of the ad companies to see if we can in fact change over. I know so some are annoying but only a very few are a pain, we need your help to get rid of them as we don't see them all! unless you post or complain to one of the admins here and they will pass ont he complaint to the site Admins that deal with ads. We do try to limit the problems here and try and keep on top of it at all times.
  24. Blacksimon If you got a problem with this user, then you should have contacted one of the Admins, rather than make posts like these without any thing to back it up. Anyone could say what you said... not saying what you said is true or untrue but not the kind of thing I wish to see on these boards. Locked.
  25. Parabola I can't answer all the above issues and questions but can tell you from a rough memory i have, we have looked into other advertising and if i remember correctly, problems arise from using other ad companies because of the size of this site and hits we get from users. The current ads *yes* is a strain on Silverion and we do look at other ad companies on a regular basis to see what deals we could or maybe able to do with them but currently we havent found one where it would be a worst risk to use. As Silverion has said i think, we have multi deciated servers which do cost alot! and atm we can not aford to down grade, if it was possible , we would. Sometimes , well most of the time we only get about 3 or 4 bad ones in a week or two to be removed, meanning those pop ups one or some that i wouldnt like kids to see or possible those that give mailware (but they are very few really compared to the amount of ads we have on a daily basis. But then the ads go crazy once in a while and we have a few more than average complaints, they are dealt with asap. I know alot of fansites not just runescape related that have all ads on their site! and dont even bother to killed those naughty ads off. As to Mercifull comments and i know he/she will take offence to this because i said it ;) they do not know the problems we have to deal with to keep this site alive and the problems we have actually getting deals with new companies cause of our size as well as we do not want adult content ads on this site etc. Theres alot more to it than most understand. BTW hiya Mercifull :P ;) If the time comes to when we actually get a good enough deal with ad company where we can changed for the better, then it will happen. We do have currently a few more staff here to control adverts on site , as in they can remove them when reported, but also the problem we get as silverion sais , we all don't get the same adverts and when a user reports them, sometimes , well most times they do not give us enough information on the ad to locate it , to kill it off. So this sometimes takes time.
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