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  1. There is one thing i dont think any one has said here and thats a big thank you to Dustin for all his hard work in this. THANKS Dustin Look forward to next time :D
  2. As i saw most that were rude etc to other sites in fact did'nt belong to those sites , there were a few there that were switching capes .. so hard to tell. As far as i'm aware at present runevillage didn't cheat either , though i thin one did post on their boards that they did cheat, at least he was honest about it as with one of our own here did as well. In the end , there was cheats, that i doubt will ever stop but as i seen everyone enjoyed it and that was the point of it. Unfortuantly i never actually get to the war due to tippers here thought it be fun to kill me a few times before we even got there lol. If i should attend another event like this, I will be more prepared for them *evil Grin* :)
  3. I have to say Matthewlock did the best he could, as i know, tippers were attacking others , which didn't help at all. Not easy to lead under those cuircustances....
  4. Pandaman115 try that url again please:) I been told Zid got about 50 pictures so not all is lost ;) i see what i can do from them or he will i guess.
  5. well i was with matt and zid lol until tippers decided to kill me even though serveral people told them to lay off lol. I won't be going to events again, its just isn't worth my time when i could be working on site or other important things that need to be done around here. Sorry but this isn't the first time i had tippers turn around and send me to lumby :) i don't care about dieing but i was only out there for one reason to do a report for tippers, they want to spoil that, thats up to them.
  6. I do not beilive this, don't you lot know me! i couldnt get a cape in time but still tipit lot attacked me however, so no pictures taken, somone else can do it now. twice in lumby and cant be bothered to go out there again.. spoil for the site as well as other users here that cant go.. i really seen enough tonight, tip.it users killing other tippers.. this wasn't the plan.. :(
  7. As you see we made a few minor changes to irc. 1. is to allow colour 2. We are relaxing on our rules of chat slightly and they will be updated in a day or two. One thing i do want to make clear now. Is two rules. No Swearing and Please remember to ASK the user before private messaging them. Regarding colours , yes we are allowing them but please don't abuse it ;) Srcripts. they are allowed providing they are not illegal ones and not annoying other users. We are trying to make Irc chat more fun for users we have a #trivia , #rsmarket, #runescape channels already . So any ideas would be welcome. We also maybe letting clans have their own channels if they wish to have one with us. Please talk to me about that if you intested. If you have any problems with IRC please either go to #help channel or if you can't get on at all, then post here and we will try and help you. Have fun Guys! Lightning
  8. If you suffering lag from ads , do report them to jagex, if only a few report it , i doubt they will do anything about it. So the more reports made by different players the better for you may be. Then they will see it as a problem.
  9. Hiya Guys. Hmm Team speak. I'm not against this chat service at all, though it does have its problems in keeping it running and out of trouble :) nothing much different from running irc. I did run one for tip.it a long time ago but did not have the staff to cover it for 24/7 and so i had to close it down. However that was back when we had very few staff here. Now i'm not jumping on anyone toes here i hope. and the suggestion and idea is a good one and would like to see it continue. However if it is run outside of our staff team then we can not make this a officail one for tip.it. For a number of reasons i could go into but it be a long list. You have a few choices , You can either use the one of who ever runs one. (which is fine by me as long as its unoffical) Or Prove to us Admins here that it be worth our time and money to look into getting teamspeak for you. Or If you wish to run a teamspeak server for tip.it offically then i suggest you come and talk to us directly (private message on the board) and we see if we can sort something out between us. Lightning P.s. we are always looking into ways to help you enjoy this site more and additions you may want
  10. Would been nice if you could only get whip drops from abbys on a task :twisted: Might kept the price up but annoyed those that get to 85 slayer and stop at that lvl.
  11. Hiya Guys. I will say now that i'm not 100 percent on this idea but I will let it continue. I would like to say and warn users, if you do go to this event, please keep your language down and please do not actively advertise this site. There will be pmods around including myself Good luck to all :) and to the other sites involved. Lightning
  12. I have to agree with Ltfairy there. beign a player mod as i found has alot of disadvantages, I dont actually merchant anything in runescape myself as i found the Crown causes more problems when i speak. So i get someone else to buy and sell for me. But theres only a very small precentage of pmods i know have the same problems as me and do things this way. I haven't the patince with users as i use to have, when they ask me silly questions like how youbecome a pmod when im trying to buy or sell something. ;) but then i'm a old dog and get tired easly these days.
  13. u missed me:D lvl123 lightning tryed serveral times lost to the last darn one. given up now, havent the patience to do it again.
  14. i think its a good idea, we have to remeber those parents that really donot use the internet that much ;) one thing i thought was nice of Jagex, was this for parents. I wish this was around many yrs ago when my sons were first playing on their own in the game and there was no pmods around
  15. Colour codes: Movement codes: Red: Text is red Wave: Text moves up and down. Yellow: Text is yellow (default colour) Wave2: Text waves diagonally. Green: Text is green Shake: Text shakes bizarrely. Cyan: Text is cyan Slide: Text slides from up to down. Purple: Text is purple Scroll: Text scrolls from left to right. White: Text is white - Flash1: Flashes between red and yellow text - Flash2: Flashes between cyan and blue - Flash3: Flashes between light and dark green - Glow1: Text fades from red, to orange, to yellow, to green, to cyan - Glow2: Text fades from red, to magenta, to blue, to dark red, to red - Glow3: Text fades from white, to green, to white, to cyan - or just look here http://tip.it/runescape/?page=beginners ... m#chatting
  16. caztoday You far from the oldest here or in runesccape. I played runescape for many yrs and i do find that most young ones think its cool we play , if not , then i simply say .. well some oldies have to keep you young ones under control ;) I hit the big 4 0 in dec and have my two children playing runescape, aged 11 and 13, they think its great that parents enjoy a game that also their children can play. No different really from playing chess, draughts etc from home, its all family fun just alot biggerand differnt way of playing :D
  17. theres no real way of getting xp fast on mining now days, iron is the best :( unless im out of date on things..
  18. If you drop it , you will slowly get each item back when doing the graveyard event again. I dropped mine serveral times cause i never use them only to get them back again :)
  19. That's cool, beta started late 1999. Ask "Lightning" if you don't believe me, she was there from the very beginning. :-w Thats right, because Lightning was a creater of Runescape, wasn't he. Shut up. Now shut your face. Go eat a bullet. Gaf. You first :D. I don't give a biscuit what you think either :) I think theres a big mix up going on here about ALPHA AND BETA started and the meaning of what they mean. Since i am fed up here about the argurments on when ALPHA AND BETA started and some wont take my word for it. Iwill email Andrew myself tonight and get a officail anwser from him. I am sure he would love to answer this one very much :D When i get the answer from him and I 'm 100 percent sure that he will say the same as me, i will post it on site here.. AND in future if this darn argurment comes up, then i will just post his answer and lock these stupid arguring posts!
  20. What are you talking about! The list is correct it does date back to when rs first opened to users. and that was the 4/1/2001 in the uk. I should bloody well know i tested the bloody game for 6 months with rab before it opened, and i was there at the time Andrew fianlly opened it up to users along with Rab. If you have any doubts over what i say then contact Andrew at Jagex or prehaps Rab (was also known as moderator)
  21. Scapeboard was a tempory home for the fourms while we didn't have fourms on tip.it.
  22. Quite agree with you Satenza. Theres enough dirty users in runescape as it is and we don't like them one bit, either here or in chat.
  23. I banned you from chat because you are taking advantage of users that do not know flipping better and boasting about it there as well as here. If you continue to boast here i will also ban you from the boards. I hope thats plain and simple for you.
  24. nbongo did you wish you was dreaming when you got that task :) I wish i was. I had 122 crawling hands and banshee. I was lvl 92 slayer and 123 combat lol. I thought jagex was having a laugh...
  25. Excuse me... but did we tell you to use the same password and username here as in runescape ? NO we didn't Both Jagex and this site warn users regulary not to do this! This issue we had wouldn't been a issue, if users did what they were told and used some common sense! After thats been said. You should be able to get your account back if you can prove you are the owner of the account.
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