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  1. I don't think we have anything to worry about here. We still have alot of features that Jagex will not do :) I am in full agreement with them about adding to their website. Its about bloody time! its will save alot of scanning, users searching for help sites and ending up lord knows where. Only took them 5 yrs to do it lol. (runs from Andrew ;)) I really can't see it effecting us too much. Andrew not out to kill websites, he never has been, but secruity for his users is a issue. As most users know here, most fansites have had their problems in the past and this has caused problems for Jagex and their users. We try everything here to keep out lord knows what from these boards, but there will always be a risk in using fansites. Its really up to the user to make sure they don't get caught out and us to keep are eyes peeled :) I really wouldn't worry about what Jagex does on their site, we have some few thousand loyal users here, and as long as they continue to use this site, tip.it will never die.
  2. Well as most know here that know me, i hardly ever use world 9 as its too laggy for me. normally for me its world 64,65 , 66 or 100 Guys keep posting on this issue and i will consider the issue later today and have a chat with one of or two of you about it.
  3. If anyone wants to argue why this been locked then contact me. Wished i seen this sooner...
  4. Well my first thoughts when i first heard about this reporter contacting TET , i did have my thoughts on it and nearly said no, as i had a run in with reporters before about online games and i was not too happy what they wrote. HOWEVER I said yes to go ahead and we tryed our best to give them what they needed. I persoanlly think for a reporter that has nothing what so ever to do with that game nor did she know shiva , done a damn good job, best i seen in a long time from any reporter on games :) Agree some of you may have your disagreements over this but i felt that i made the right decision on this and i stand by it. If it offended you in any way, i'm sorry but i can not please all here, i do try. Lightning
  5. i'm not going to argue with anyone here about whats been done or why. Just my point of view as a mother of two kids. I just looked around their room and if they took pictures of their room ,, well i wouldnt be happy, as they had school books laying around with their name on, a poster up of our seaside town and pictures of fmaily. not hard to figure out. Some Kids wouldnt think first before doing such a thing. However i will bring this issue up with the other admins here but what Sunli did as far as im concerned was for the best. Ye sit is up to the parents to keep a eye on their kids on net but not always can we keep our eyes on them 100 percent of the time. It was done for your own protection.
  6. Guys please dont all email them, They get upset with us. I didnt see this post until. but nvm. I have already emailed Jagex about a tribute etc by them and still awaiting a reply from them. Please dont spam their inbox.
  7. i dont see how, i still get all the randon events when doing that. I would only be concerned of a player if they are doing that and they get a randon event they dont respond to :)
  8. means nothign realy, i do it as well. main reason for most that do that is cause they trying to stop from being logged out, rather than clicking again on fishing spot. its a lazy way of fishing. but saying that, autoers do , do this as well. i quite often have chat off or in hide mode, so i can only see those near to me. i dont often talk while fishing to be honest. most of the chat there isnt worth listening to (from my point of view) :)
  9. why does this agurment come up every now and then lol. Alpha = pre release = was only open to a very small few testers. Rab/gugge/myself/merlin were the main testers other than Andrews brothers and one or two friends, actually most times it was mainly only Rab and myself online testing with Gugge and Merlin often. Beta = 4 Jan 2001 = public release to open sign ups. = no more resets! resets as in , all your lvls etc was wiped and you had to start all over again testing everything inclucding quests again.
  10. Choose my team and you'll be in good hands! i do not choose sara or zam. I'm Guthix ;)
  11. If i can make it i be there. *wonders how long i will last with a load of tip.it users around :)*
  12. Merci you of all here should know it takes time to make our minds up here to use or not to use any stuff or change anything that currently is working properly. ALso to check if a Mod would interfer with anything else we currently running here and to check secruity on anything we add. We just dont jump into things without first checking fully,,, We not ingoring anything here, it just takes time to talk things over with other admins here and then sort out whos doing what and when. Not all ideas will be used but some will be in the furture. It this time of year things are slightly slower than normally around here.
  13. The underground farm was not a scam. It was for real and as i recall only i think 2 or 3 people actually found it. It was taken out due to the fact jagex thought it was a waste of time or useless :) So now you all know :)
  14. limparse you not alone as you can see :D theres alot of us about but a few of us dont like to mention our age in rs, but i have done over the past few months and i do get a better response than i use to. I still sometimes get surprised comments about my age and playing rs but i just let them slip by, by sayiing well someone has to keep you kids in check :) depending on what they said of course. I currently know offhand about 2 dozen between the age of 30 to about 55 on rs and im 38 with 2 kids that also play rs :)
  15. You may find more information on control monger at http://www.freeworldonline.com on their fourms in general board. just a thought.
  16. ah theres alwasy some teething problems with new games etc. hmm i really dont know guys, i havent played it yet myself as i didn't work on this one. I will get my boss to come over soonish to check the posts here. I hope to play it tonight myself so i wont be so behind:) lol
  17. We have not yet released our new team based FPS game to the public for testing, but i decided to come by and offer my good friends over here at Tip.it the chance to start testing our new game Control Monger (http://www.controlmonger.com) before anyone else gets a chance. download game here ]http://www.controlmonger.com/files/cm_install_0-35[Caution: ExecutableFile] the download is only 33.4MB and you will need to download Please remeber that when i say *our* i mean the gaming site i work for and not tip.it:) This game will be free for use after testing is complete. For anyone concerned because this is a exe download, it is virus free. Any problems , leave a msg with us and we get back to you asap. Lightning [EDIT]
  18. Yes they are back but we had to disable a format for now, I kow some of u use this and im sorry about all tehprolems caused, but its for users saftey. so j.p.e.g isnt allowed currently
  19. Bbcode is curently disabled. its not you, please read teh announcement board about it or go to http://www.runescape.com and read their news, it will explain what is going on, and i seriouslyu susgest you read teh news there for your own protection. Lightning
  20. lightning knows, se she was an ingame mod, so tis true :x its not my farm its just "the" - g'night anyway I never saw the farm myself just from what i saw Paul post about and that one person i knew actullay been there and Paul confirmed it months and months back. So it might just be a legend and Paul was on a wind up ;) hehe you never know with those guys :lol:
  21. Yes There was a underground farm many months back, but it does not exsist now, as far as i remeber. If my memory is correct, only i think two people fround it and had to use a sapphire i think on a tree to get there. It wasnt a scam :)
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