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  1. Alkaline388 If he hasn't the payment information, not to worry, theres other ways of getting accounts back. If you read the anouncement post on our p2p board, you may find some answers there. Bascailly give them as much information as possible. Like, when he first started player, where was the last time he played. Since they a member, they can also provide them witht eh personal details that they signed up with, ie, name, address, phone number. (contact information in other words) What form of payment was used to pay for members, how long have you been a member etc etc. Just little information like that helps a big deal.
  2. Guys please calm down, we expect some heated posts on this. purepicori We warn users regulary and so does Jagex not to use the same password for both sites. This issue that happened, wouldn't been a issue if users done as they were told! We can only advise users here what and what not to do and we try to keep all users safe here as well as uphold jagex rules here as well. When we realised there was a problem on this server, i straight away contacted Andrew direct with all the information i had to hand to try and help you guys from losing your accounts. Andrew has done alot as well as his staff the past couple of days trying to help all that was caught up in this. They are extremly busy there over this issue but also over new engine they put in. It is the weekend and so, they wouldn't i doubt have many staff on. All I can say, is be patient with Jagex and please NEVER use the same password for here as on Jagex. ANy site could of got hit with what we got hit with , so please make suere your runescape passwrod does not match any other site or any chat services you use! Those that seem to be having serious problems getting their accounts back, if you still no joy on it in 24 hrs, post back here and i see if i can help in someway. Lightning
  3. If your account was not locked but you used the same pass and username here and at runescape.com. PLEASE CHANGE BOTH! TO DIFFERNT ONES. It maybe that Jagex hasn't caught up with your account yet. They have been extremely busy over whats happened and with their new engine as well, has been extremely busy time for them there. So if you think that you did have pass and username excately the same as on runescape. DON'T wait, changed it now! Please. note: excuse my bad spelling i can't spell at all today..
  4. Fighterking2 If you forgotton your agreement number don't worry. Alto of users forget it. You need to provide details, like when you started p2p. When did you actually start playing rs on that character. Any personal information you gave them would help when you signed up for members, ie, the name and address you used. Give them any old passwords you may of used as well , even if you can't remeber them fully a part password may help. If you have changed isp a while ago, tell them which isp you was with and roughly when you changed to new isp. Tell them the last day you played and roughly the time you log out and where. If you have other accounts, this may help. ( im not sure on this one though) but if you do have other accounts, tell them and when you started to play them etc. Secret questions, if you know them, tell them to them. maybe pin number as well. If you used worldpay i think theres a telephone number on this topic somewhere or http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=458750, that might help you. edit: i cant find that phone number someone posted! if someone see it, please repost it in big numbers. Thanks
  5. ixfd64 Read our latest news on our main site, you would know the database wasn't touch but we did have a breach on server. In other words they didn't get the password and usernames that way. I really can not go into details, until Silverion and Jagex done what they need to do to catch this *bleep*. I know you smart like a few others around here and wondering have an earth they got them without not gettting them from the database, but beilive me, the database was not touch at all.
  6. Now i cant tell you how they got them and most of you know that they couldnt got that information from database easly anyways. Our database wasnt touch. If i could tell you how it happened , i would but as the quote says, we still working on catching this culprit. Hopefully when we sorted all this out, then we probaly tell you. If you havent noticed we updated the news on home page for you.
  7. I met Silverion in runescape a few days after runescape opened while i was mining at scopion pit, and he told me about this site and asked if i would like to join the team. Never thought this site would grow so big back then :)
  8. Locked, Dangerous to play with fireworks, i dont like this topic at all. If you want to complain then use the private message button to me.
  9. Theres only one i would love to meet. Thats Silverion (owner of this site and old player of runescape) Just to give him a BIG HUG :D for all the support he has given me in the past and also for all the support and work he has done for us all.
  10. Why not do what i do. If i know i'm going to die, drop your pouches before you do and glory for that matter:) Gives you a slight more chance of getting them back, most times its worked for me. If i get caught while picking them up i just drop them again, and keep doing it. Doesn't always work , depends where you respawn at, but if you do at flador then you got a chance. It upsets the pkers and makes life a litle hell for us but its fun in a way, seeing them moan off cause they dont get nothing for killing you except for xp.
  11. I wish search engines were more particaular on what they link to :) what aload of nasty sites being advistised there along with runescape. I hope noone gets caught out trying any of those nasty scam /cheat or money sites there. Beware i did click a couple out of interest and some are not too good. So only click what you know guys. Remeber if in doubt on a link, think safe.
  12. Lol @ Fook-A-Ji you such a devil ;)
  13. I disagree to some extent. Jagex been going longer than these forums in the making. They i guess intitled to a few small mistakes. NOT all bugs and glitches can be caught before release, compilers etc that i use for a online game i work for , doesn't always show up everything before a release and some bugs simply don't show until the script is active in game. Bad planning? I think not at all from them. Nor do i feel they have to explain what went wrong. I think personally alot of users here are making a mountain out of a mole hill here over what happened. We all make mistakes and we only human! They are still i feel the most secure forums you can use. As a reminder to all, you welcome to talk about what happened within reason, but please do not show any screenshots from Jagex boards showing what happened
  14. Yea i still play. I was a forum mod back in the very old days and then player mod in rs along with *moderator* (think you might remeber him as well) until Jagex done away with the old forums ;) So i had about a year off from moderating and then came back as one when they were reintroduced. I dont play much just mainly CW and mini games, though i do abit of salying as well now and again.
  15. here u go first 2k players. I forget who posted this on the boards awhile ago, but if its yours, i hope you don't mind me posting it again and thanks :) http://www.blacknightsclan.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=9042 Another site you maybe interested in is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runescape Quite like that site, since the information there is correct :) thanks to the creator of both sites.
  16. /me growls and mutters under her breath well i guess and hope that one day you shalll return to our doors again hun, you will be missed. Lightning
  17. no rule has been broken if i remeber the rules correctly. Though pmods are suppose to set a example to other users ;) I have been known to accidently say something on rs when not thinking, we only human. Providing the mod involved isn't using it to spam chat or over using it, then i see no rule breaking there. If in doubt u can always ask jagex themselves.
  18. Gosu Theres alot more pmods in runescape now than theres ever been, unfortuantly we cant be everywhere, as we play as players and we dont go around policing runescape. Best thing to do hun, is report the offenders and then stick them on your ingore list. I see alot of this in certain areas and bascailly what I do, but then im a stubbon woman I dont like to give into idiots like that. We can not put forward anyone to Jagex for pmod im afraid, but new pmods are being added on a regulary basis on runescape. Lightning
  19. Narakia_1 No offence meant here, but we ask users a long time ago to stop showing their email and chat addys for the purpose of trying to keep our users safe. It has been known in the past for script kiddies to tour our boards and other websites looking for for such things like chat addys and emails to use to either scan you or worst try and keylogger you. So i will remind all users, if they want to stay safe , remove chat addys and HIDE your email. You can do this via profile.
  20. Hehe i use to have Thunder back when rs started but it got deleted and now someone else has that name. Nvm, i have plently of chars in rs to use :)
  21. Locked by me Sorry this topic needs looking into, I'm not happy with users responses also about the whole topic. No offence meant to the user that started this topic. We had this problem in the past, you new here and such topics can be flamed for silly reasons, weather they ture or not.
  22. Locked by me Sorry this topic needs looking into, I'm not happy with users responses also about the whole topic. No offence meant to the user that started this topic. We had this problem in the past, you new here and such topics can be flamed for silly reasons, weather they ture or not.
  23. Post in the right board pls MARKET BOARDS
  24. Pitbull You are a real romantic that i know and a big softy. How about something cute like you and something that one can cuddle. *Grins* I have to lock this Hun. Otherwise some users will take this too far. You will suffer :twisted: dont forget you can pm me here :)
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