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  1. I'm a noob to Wow, but if anyone's on Ghostlands server , wants to join in some fun with me, let me know. current chars i have there is "LightMaria" blood elf hunter lvl 31 ( working on gem carfting and mining. and "Deadhead" undead warrior lvl 31 ( no professions currently being worked on that char)
  2. I don't own tip.it just been here too long that some think I do with Silverion :P I do still play runescape now and again but i have taken a strong shine to playing other games these days as well. Main reason i went off to play other games, was cause I was mad at jagex again in making yet another skill so click happy! > hunter skill in other words. So I went to try a few other games out that don't require me to keep clicking the darn mouse! since i suffer from IRS this is more suitable for me. Not bashing jagex or runescape but i wish they think before bringing in a skill that doesn't require so many clicks :) hunter is just as bad as old school mining i feel when you start to do box trapping in hunter. Atm i just pop in now and again to do CW, fishing, slayer or just for a chit chat.
  3. As I know you as old as i am if i remember right :D When tip.it lost its own forums, it was due to users just not clicking enough on the ads, we just couldn't support them any more, so Silveroin and I decided it would best to drop them and keep the site goiing instead. However after a few months (this was when Silvreion was hardly around due to rl problems) we found that also the site users were dropping. So I tried as much as i could to keep site updated inbetween everything else that was going on then and at the same time ruby started forums else where that did look fine at first but I found problems in secruity and decided to changed hosts. I won't mention what hosts we tryed but we did jump through a few before settling with dk3. Dk3 were suppose to be a stop gap for just a few months but things weren't so good and users were still not clicking enough on our ads on our site for me to feel we could take a chance for new server of our own. BUT in the end i got FED UP complaining to dk3 about their secruity and users has always come first. So i did look into other ways of possible funding for our own forums, But then i went mad one day and just shut the dk3 boards down after yet another secruity issue and SIlverion took a very big chance and took on another server for our own fourms again. So far it has worked out rather well, I feel that users relieased that if they want to keep the fourms here and better secruity for them that they have to click those ads :) So it comes down you support us in clicking ads and we can bring you bigger and better things in the future ;) So i just like to say on the behave of Silverion and myself, thank you for supporting this site and fourms and keep it up guys :)
  4. AC = Asheron's call main site there http://ac.turbine.com/ DAOC = dark age of camlot and we also had at one time i beilvie Diablo as well.
  5. Well I see what I can do about that. Atm Silveiorn and I are very busy in the background doing whatever to site and other things, plus our real life's are so busy as well. So I doubt it will happen yet, but will be on my list of things to do for you all.
  6. xevanx I didn't form tip.it, silverion did. I did join rather early in tip.it days and use to help out, but i was mostly more into whopping *robin hood2* and *sir* butts back then :)
  7. Interesting...I remember when i saw robin hood training in varrock sewer ghosts all time, i started call him as "sewer rat" LMAO at sewer rat, not the word the old wanderers used for him ;) Robin and I had many fights some lasted for weeks, one particular one i remember lasted 3 weeks, where i constantly hunted him all over rs so he couldnt get peace to train, after a serious bust up with him and he nearly quit rs over it. If i wasn't hunting him someone from the wanderers was back then and we use to sit around waiting for him to log in, back when there was only one to two servers then. Fun days and wasn't much for us to do back then. Pking was very evil for miners and smithers as well. And yes Tres you was right on quest.
  8. English users on german isn't a bad thing, since my kids are taking german , i'm only too please for the extra instruction they get from playing there :)
  9. Sounds fairly much like another Gray area. I would say just don't do it. play safe. I doubt jagex would ban anyone for being afk the once off, most users do it, like cw for example, nipping to the loo or answering the phone or like me , kids draw my attention urgent soemtimes and its impossible to log if im being attacked (darn annoying that one is). But constant afking is not allowed at all , ie, like training, fishing etc etc. If you playing a guitar lol then i would consider you to be afk! or doing homework for that matter lol. You are suppose to be in control of your keyboard and be there at all times playing the game. There is no point at which i can say theres a line on it. Only thing i can suggest is if you really worried about afk mode, then simply ask Jagex direct.
  10. Lightning and Silverion are still around for sure : They own the website (Hurray for admins :thumbsup: ) BlueRose13x was the best smither back In rsc. Steel corp was a mining and smithing clan. i think beachy is still around now and again but not on that nick. starlude, xentia,stud6900 and kibble i have no idea about , if they still around or not. The rest as i know quit runescape a long time ago. Just a note : I don't own Tip.it :D only Silveron does. I know alot of you think we are partners but it is not the case, i guess we do sometimes act like it though :D As to the other fansites we had, well you never know, just maybe we might bring one of them back, but i will say is that we are considering (in talks) in expanding tip.it again but as yet we are not 100 percent sure which games we will make fansites for. Completeion out there is alot harder now than it was back then and we have to choose wisely what we go for. Sometime in the next few days i will post on off topic board about what other games you play or you may want to play when they released to public.
  11. It was Romeo and Julia he made? atleast website said "thanks Rab" :P As you can guess, that is only the note of support :P guess again Hehe Thehate :P I messed up :) He did do that quest but the one i was thinking of was abit later on. So it was two quests. *note* to thehate, i told you my memory is bad :P
  12. yep potion was his but the quest is wrong :)
  13. Moderator was not hired by Jagex. He was a very good friend of Andrews and other Gowers that helped out in the beginning of rs for a few years. He also Alpha tested the game before the game came out with along a few others. Moderator also made a small quest in runescape, I wonder if you can work out which of those quests it was :) not that i will reveal which quest it is as i believe his name may still maybe on jagex website. That will be up to him if he wants to reveal that information ;) As to thehate talking to me back then i have no clue, I do remeber though i use to think he was a woman back then :D I think i may of spoke to him one of two times back then, but then i spoke to alot of users back then as it was more friendly then and we kinda knew each other, as not many users use to be online.
  14. Atm i am not going to allow it. I do not wish to upset the coders of SS at all but as someone said earlier we do not support 3rd software etc. Main problem that we are looking at is , yes, it is legal atm, but will it be tomorrow.. or next week.. if we allow it and then becomes illegal again, we would have to stop our users from posting with it etc. HOWEVER It is still in talks between Admins here and well we undecided on this issue at present. Its mainly down to the fact of what Jagex does and then how it effects SS but also cause it is a download and then could be a security risk to our users. It would be nice to be able to allow , it sure would cut soem work down here but we have to weigh up the pros and cons to this SS before we can give you a out right answer on this. Hopefully in a few days time, I will be able to.
  15. Tip.it won't die hun. The fact is we use to support more than just runescape and we are just in talks teh past few days again in expanding the site. THis won't happen over night here but is in the making. More details of possible new games we may make fansites for will be given at a later date, when i choosen what we going to support.
  16. hmm not sure what you mean there, except maybe they use to post there sometimes, if thats what u on about then , they stopped posting on most websites now cause of the possible problems of security. Though one or two , do still pop in now and again to read the boards. Erm let me think on this one a little longer, but for now I will say, well we still alive :P Why would we want to break Jagex rules?? From what I see, if I was to break their rules then we would be endangering users accounts...... We don't need to do things like cheats for users or clients for our users. Most users here prefer not to cheat (at least i hope) I have always been against any sort of cheating in any games and that what i liked first time i tested this game and Andrew told me he was also against such things and that is why i stayed and played the game mostly. I will not support anything illegal here cause of the risk to users accounts. Regarding SS , well that is kinda messy situration. When it is made legal then we may allow it but I guessing we won't allow any advertising of it, like with most software posted here. You have to wait and see on that.
  17. Most of the orginal staff have left , but yea silverion and I still around. Silverion and myself are really really busy lately and i doubt hes even seen this post, but i will catch him laters and get him to post laters to clear a few things up for you, it be better for him to post than for me to do it for him as i have a very bad memory at times and likely to get things aorund the wrong way ;) Its old age! :)
  18. Yep i'm still around :) i had to laugh at some of the posts here hehe. Tip.it history is a confusing one really unless you been around for a very long time. if i remeber correctly tipit/runescape started the saem week rs was released, as i meet silverion early the following week and asked me to join him here as tip.it is now that how we use to be except for 2 other fansites, daoc and ac. The fourms got shut down due to lack of monies and so we only had the site. I made a choice to open new fourms at the same time Ruby made ones else where, cause quite a mess for a little while. anyways, forums were opened at proboards (horried fourms, couldn't stand them myself but was as a stop gap) as i knew silverion was going to be away for sometime, so i tryed to make the best i could. I dropped proboards, tryed a few other ones and ended up at dk3. Most sites wouldn't take us on cause of our bandwidth, so was left with little choice unless i wanted to take out a server myself and which i couldn't afford at the time. So dk3 it was, the first boards got hacked. The second grew fairly well but not without their problems (some were serious and users were informed) most remember those days. Then finely the day came when i lost my temper with dk3 after months of promises etc, that i finally got hold of silverion and we decided to try again on tip.it server. so here we are now. The old sites were taken off mainly cause silverion did not have the staff or the time to play the games and so couldn't keep them uptodate. However we do still have plans in the near future i hope to extend tip.it once again. This will happen i hope once i find a game i like to play and silverion likes and is also in either alpha or beta stage. preferly a free playing game as well, though these days thats hard to come by so we will proably have to make exceptions there.
  19. Well sorry hun but we can't help you there. It wouldn't be nice for us to over rule your parents on this. We don't know why they did it, prehaps you been a naughty devil or your been not doing your homework etc. :) All i can say is keep trying, but we can not interfer with such things here.
  20. Hiya Guys. I have no problem at all with REGULAR USERS being idle in the channel. however i do regarding NEW USERS, as i explained to one or two mods a few weeks ago. I feel its a secruity risk to our regular users.
  21. hehe you running around in circles there :D As Kiara said only a few Admins know who they are but doesn't mean any admin has written anything, there maybe another reason why some admins knows the editor or editors are. We won't tell but sure is a fun post to read. I agree with Kiara on that ;)
  22. The secret will never been known (well not for a long time anyways) You can keep guessing all you like, but will won't say yes or no to who or who they are. It may be more than one person lol. I'm not telling :twisted:
  23. Lol excately what i was going to post when i read the first post :D
  24. Thank you elucin8er But i can not take all the credit for what was back then. You see i had a very good friends back then that helped me alot, mainly to beat robin hood2 :) But also back then I had real life issues and caused me to play insane long hours back then. (I won'g go into that). You have to remember that i also tested the game before it was released to users, which really did give me a unfair advantage i feel for the first few months, as i knew what to train on, where the best places to mine, quyickest to do anything, though i never kept this information to myself, If someone asked me, i would tell them. I have always enjoyed helping others in game and when silverion asked me to join this site (which was about the same week runescape open) I did join to help i hope more users. But after a few years i lost my temper in runescape and took a break, it was after a few months after moderator quit. Alot of us old players got really sick to death of botters, one in particular really annoyed us , and so we kinda lost interest until jagex did something about it. ALot of my old friends did not come back after that :( I did and still love to play runescape now but i am not as active as i use to be. Tip.it now has its own crew team for updates, so i really not needed in that dpartment anymore. But i still help out where i can in runescape, around IRC and the boards. If i was to choose people i think should be up there. Well that would been TheHate, Stu can'tpk (he wasunder another nick many yrs back), Joe1002, Nightmare888, Gugge and Rab/moderator
  25. mister_blobby Sorry that we offended you in anway and it was me that banned you from the old server. If i may explain to why. You say our rules are lame over this idling, well i placed that rule myself as we have had incidents where we had a unknown user in irc and logged users ips/emails for lord knows what. Now i am not saying you was doing that but i did not know you at all and you were constantly idle when i was there. I did try and contact you a number of times without sucess. The idling you was doing was making our users nervious and so in the end i did place a ban on you. Idling rule is still there but is being looked into tomorrow by myself as im setting new rules up for users. Users now have a option to have a vhost as well if they concerned over their isp being shown to all users in irc. If you require a vhost , then please /join vhost channel and one of us will set you up one. secruity is our main concern there and always will be, if that means that we have to have what some users think as lame rules, then it will happen i'm afriad... some rules are being relaxed but i wil not finished writing them up until tomorrow, also bans are being dealt with differntly, most bans can now be dealt with in #banappeal channel unless you are k lined then you will have to go via website. Also if you have a problem with a op/ channel owner or even a irc admin for that matter, we have added a option on our webiste to report such incidents and will be dealt by silverion and myself. We aim to improve irc chat for users not to destroy it, now we have our own shell things can be done alot better rather than having to go via a 3 rd party host. ANy problems or concerns and you do not wish to post here about them, you are all welcome to private message me about them. Lightning
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