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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Usually I am not usually one to complain, but I don't like this new website one bit. Oh well, I am sure I will get used to it... eventually... The only major issue I am having is in Chrome, the very bottom of my game screen is cut off so I only see half of the the new icons and buttons under the chat box, which is a bit annoying. And if Firefox, re-sizable mode only stays one small size and doesn't scale to fit my whole browser window.
  3. Same. I'll do the usual tree run, replant, log for 8 hrs, do second tree run then Agility and Hunter. If herblore supplies don't go up in price then I may just use what I have stocked instead of selling it.
  4. I remember your name... and I was a part of SODB back when it first started, but I quit RS shortly afterwards and never really caught up with anyone when I came back a year or so later. I'm on w99 all the time still, but I don't recognize anyone from TIF anymore, especially with all the new display names.
  5. Ooo they do look really nice. Tried the mini-game... I would love to get the spells, but there's no way I can do it for even a few more hours.
  6. Currently I have: Primal Baxe Primal Plate SS Hood Sag Arrows My next bind will probably be one of the following: 1. Guardian's Ward (If I still have a Baxe) 2. Blood Necklace or Grounding Boots (If I have a 2H weapon) 3. Primal Legs (if I can't find one of the ones above)
  7. I like the "flames," though my second choice would have been E1. I probably won't be wearing this cape anyway, so I don't mind what it looks like :P In a few months I should have the 10 year. I will be a bit more picky with my vote on that one if they have a poll for each one.
  8. I never heard of him until I opened this thread. I have also never heard of Zarfot or Themurder until I read yours and a few other posts in this thread, and now only know of a name, not what they are known for. There are some people who play the game for fun, and don't pay attention to what other people are doing. Most of his reasons are definitely legitimate, no doubt, and most of the people that you are targeting with your post didn't say otherwise, they were just stating that the fact that he is quitting doesn't have as great of an impact that the OP and a few others are implying. As for jealousy? When I was 15, I only spent a couple hours a day on weekdays playing games (mostly runescape), because that was all I could do with my free time those days. For him to be maxed at that age either means he spends little to no free time away from his computer, or bots, neither of which should make anyone jealous.
  9. I only logged in about ~9 hours this weekend, and about 45 mins of that was a dungeon I got randomly kicked at the end of, even though I was carrying the team (and the keyer with gates, calls, etc). Made stuff for everyone for the boss. It got me pretty upset, never had that happen before and I am almost 102 dung. Needless to say I always key now, to avoid this in the future. On the positive side I got: 88/89 > 92 herb (can't remember what I started at, lol.) 77 > 80 farm 82 > 83 agil Not too bad I suppose, though I could have done better. I wanted to get some hunter levels but I can't find a way I actually enjoy training the skill.
  10. It has been way more than just a month. I had the severe lag issue while dungeoneering several months ago. It has been a lot better lately however.
  11. Mine is working fine, have you tried updating your graphics card's drivers?
  12. wearing a glory you can right-click on it on your equip screen and have an uninterrupted tele.
  13. Yea, the XP is all about "prestige," I would suggest opening up a DG guide and read a bit about prestige. It is a bit confusing at first how it works but once you figure it out you will be gaining much more experience per floor.
  14. Happy birthday :D

  15. I used to have this problem very often after about 5pm EST on worlds 117 and 148 while dungeoneering, but that was a few months back. I actually cancelled my members for about a month because of it. I came back a few weeks ago and it seems fine now. I still get a disconnect every once in a while but instead of happening 10-15 times per dung its more like once every 4-5 dungs.
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