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The ultimate Wise Old Man minigame guide, updated:8-28-07


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The Wise Old Man(W.O.M)minigame guide


mods! i think this guide has been placed in the wrong forum!


becaus it is a mini game, please send it to the other sub forum!






1. The Wise Old man minigame


2. Requirements/equipment


3. Tasks


4. How to obtain:


-smithing items






-animal items






6. Rewards


7. Mysteries?


8. Credits.




1. The Wise Old Man minigame


First,this is my second guide for a forgotten minigame....


The other one was about H.A.M. here is the link:




So far I searched no one has made one before...so...(Pokemama confirmed this ::' )


I think no one knows this minigame and there are some interesting rewards to obtain (like 400 prayer xp). Check the rewards part for this.




The Wise Old Man has some several tasks for you this can vary from getting him some weapons to defend him to deliver some letters to some friends.


To start:


Go to draynor village, its the house directly north of the bank


Just talk to the wise old man and ask:"Is there anything I can do for you?"




2. requirements/equipment


there is absolutely no requirements for this "minigame".


but it is advisable to have:


  • [*:134j61m2]Ability to make upto iron plates with smithing(saves money)
    [*:134j61m2]be able to kill some chickens, cows, goblins
    [*:134j61m2]some teleports are always handy
    [*:134j61m2]mining lvl upto iron
    [*:134j61m2]a bit higher woodcutting lvl(getting the logs faster)
    [*:134j61m2] crafting lvl to make upto cowls.(saves money)
    [*:134j61m2]some open bank space can't hurt....






I think you should do it a bit like this (color may difference and use your weapon of choice)




Keep you weight low and don't wear heavy armour!


What i suggest:


    nothing>wizard hat(or gnome/canifis/femennik)
    spottie cape, spottier cape(reduces weight)
    ava's device(free arrows!!)
    god/lava/skill(if you have to kill some monsters....although theyre easy)
    glory(easy to get back to draynor)
    boots of lightness(run longer) ::'
    barbarian assault gloves(reduces weight)
    wizard gloves(canifis/gnome/fremennik)
    with those new bracelet it might be handy to use enchanted saphire bracelets, then you will mine softclay instead of hard
    and a enchanted dragonstone bracelet is also possible for some few extra teleports
    anything you like to kill with (choose a fast one, like an dagger or whip)
    prayer book...or nothing (unless you have a bow as weapon)
    (unless your using a bow, then its your choice, but if you use ava's device it will generate automatticaly arrows :XD: )
    Ring of dueling(easy getting around :D )
    Hammer (you need to smith a lot)
    Runes (for teleport)
    Games necklace (easy recharching glory amulet)
    Pickaxe (you need to mine sometimes)
    Axe (logs)
    Chisel (to cut the gems you get as a reward, and you get alot ::' )
    buckets (with water, to make clay into soft clay)=not needed if you use an enchanted saphire bracelet


if you are really a low leveler you need some food.






3. tasks




There are 3 different types of tasks.


obtain items


you need to get some stuff for him,...like logs or ores




a special one, a monster killing.


you need to kill for him a monster under his bed.


(thanks to blak_blade3 and cuddyboy)


After many quests, I can confirm that the monster under the bed does exist.








According to the XP I gained, it has 25 HP. I had forgotten to screenshot the actual quest being given, as well as the actual reward - Hitpoints experience (well...I accidentally copied over it), but I captured the rest of the conversation. Oh, and I forgot to examine it as well >_<




In case it was not obvious already, to kill the monster, you go upstairs and kick the bed. It will start attacking. This can only be done when he says there is a monster.








letter delivery.


you need to deliver some letters to him...but i will first explain how to obtain the items for the W.O.M.








4.how to obtain:


i have different categories of this.. some items you need to obtain the same way ::'


in each category i will say what you need to have in bank....otherwise you need a lot of bankspace




here's a map you need for some parts






-smithing items




in bank: hammer, iron bars, bronze bars




how to work


get the requird metal from the bank and go to one of the entrances marked on the map....in the cave you will find an anvill smith and return to the W.O.M






in bank:


soft leather(check the animal items part for how to obtain, and dont throw away the bones and meat!!!)


thread and a needle




go to your bank returnn the thread leather and a needle and make it.....return to the W.O.M




that wasn't that hard










go to lumbridge eastmine for mining copper and tin.


i would suggest yanille for mining iron and clay...


so it would be handy to make a decent number of these...so you dont have to go that much times to yanille, saves some time.




make the clay into softclay with adding buckets of water.


go to barb village ardoughne/wherever. to make in into the required fired/unfired items for the W.O.M




note: unfired, simply dont put in into the oven




-animal items


sometimes you have to get some items you get from killing animals...


i suggest these animals:"


goblins, for their bones


cows, for their bones, cowhides(check crafting) and meat(check miscelaneous)


chickens, bones chicken(check miscelaneous), and feathers(and eggs)






sometimes you get things that you cant devide into the above categories, examples:




pot of flour, get to the foodshop in port sarim west of draynor


rune esence, go to the wizard tower and get teleported from the wizard in the basement(take a pick axe)


cooked chicken, cooked meat. kill the desired animal and cook on fire or range, there are enough firemaking lvl trainers around draynor....there will be a fire in no time!!


cooked anchovis: just fish!!!! there are some spots near the W.O.M, and there is almost always someone training firemaking there!!


otherwise....go to port sarim fish shop


molten glass: if you go to entrana, there are all the thigs you need to make glass: furnace, sand, seaweed


cadava berries, there are some near varrock east mine


grain, just pick the wheat north east of the WOM




note: lots of these things can be bought, or made from the rfd chest!




[hide=list of items you could get]


note: this isnt complete...please post you items if it doesnt stand in this list


please post more items at a time, it would save me a lot of work


(if it's really not possoible....or you're to lazy to do it more then once ....just post that single item ::' )






in alphabetical order


item number


anchovis(cooked) 13


Balls of wool 13


beer 4


beer glasses 9


bread 11


Bronze arrowheads 15


Bronze axes 14


bronze bars 3


Bronze daggers 4


bronze maces 5


bronze spear 17


bronze throwing knives 9-12


Bronze war hammers 12


Bronze wire 15


cadava berries 7-12


Cooked chicken 3-14


Cooked meat 9-11


copper ore 12-15


cowhides 6-9


eggs 10-14


feathers 5-13


grain (wheat) 11-16


Iron arrowheads 3-11


iron axes 6


Iron bars 12


iron dagger 5-7


Iron maces 6


Iron ore 3-12


Iron throwing knives 5-15


Iron warhammers 6


Leather boot 5-9


leather cowls 5-10


Leather gloves 13


molten glas 8-9


Normal bones 10-13


Normal logs 12-14


Pots of flour 7-9


Raw rat meat 5 -15


Rune essence 7-13


silk 5-15


Tin ore 7-11


unfired clay pot 6-15


Unfired pie dishes 11-13




note: it could be any bronze or iron item




note: some of these items can be obtained at a minigame nearby....i also made a guide about this, the link is here




5. letters


these persons i got so far...you just need to deliver


note: you get the reward from these persons...you wont get an extra from the W.O.M






abbot langley, monastery, use your glory to go to edgeville...short walking distance form there or use the staff from the stronghold of security, you do not need to have 30 prayer.




oracle, ice mountain, west of the monastry northern most point




high priest, entrana take the boat from port sarim west of draynor, he's at the altar , you can not take any weapons or armour




reldo, varrock library in the castle, just teleport and walk north




thurgo, south of port sarim, he's the dwarf from the knights sword(redberrie pie <3: )




priest in lumbridge, he's at the church in lumbridge


-thanks to cuddyboy




priest in varrock


dont have pic!!! please post if you have






6. rewards




[hide=these are the i had rewards so far]






200-400 prayer xp


its quite alot...(ectofuntus ourg is aroung 500 xp so....)this is the main reason why i do this minigame


































herb seeds










uncut emerald


uncut opal






unidentified herbs:










rannar (YAY!!)


























around 1k gp




7. mysteries?


he's an odd man...he might robbed the bank...and his telescope is aiming at the wizard tower.....now a bit more mysteries..


check these letters i need to deliver from him!!!!


(got more? please post!!!)






















toaereckvn8.gif-thanks to cuddyboy




8 credits.




anthony7489 (for the herb seeds, varrock priest, smith items)


pokemama (confirming this is the only guide about this subject)


Hfan (for the better layout \:D/ )




wolfsilent (for some items, and reminding me of HAM :wall: )


cuddyboy(for the priest in lumbridge part, and monster under bed part)




check my other forgotten minigame guide!!!






please post you comment


bad grammar? im dutch :thumbsup:


please help me to correct my grammar, and post if you see mistakes!

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i think i know what those letter are about..




1. about a quest, probably digsite(zaros) or DT(azzandra).




2. about the mage arena in lvl 50 wildy. by using saradomin staff with an saradomin cape equipped and casting the spell Charge you raise the max hit from 20 to 30.




3.about dragon slayer, the oracle tells you need an unfired bowl to open the door. it also tells that ppl have tried regular pots instead, and became frustrated and sent queries to jagex about it.(its their way of telling things <.< )




4.about some rvolutionary smithing method tat most smithers will never succsess with.(possibly the Dwarf furnace in keldagrim, that requires 1/2 of the coal usually needed(100% sucsess on iron)).




5.about the shield of arrav and knights sword. pie ftw....




give me cred. :XD:

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a pretty good guide and i have done this myself a few times you should note that you can get any herb seed (ive had 5 ranarr at once :-w ) and that he also wants letters delivered to the priest in varrock and may ask for ANY bronze or iron item. The amounts also vary...



whats ingrediants for admiral pie?

1 admiral and some pastry

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you've put at items games room necklace (good for recharging necklaces)


i think you mean glorys.

Quest cape got at 25th july 2007! Did grim tales and mouring end 2 to get same day!

99/99 strength got at 30th september 2007

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you've put at items games room necklace (good for recharging necklaces)


i think you mean glorys.



will change that ::'







a pretty good guide and i have done this myself a few times you should note that you can get any herb seed (ive had 5 ranarr at once ) and that he also wants letters delivered to the priest in varrock and may ask for ANY bronze or iron item. The amounts also vary...



smithing items....i know that...but might be nice if we could a a whole list...


will add that from those herb seeds.


if you have the one to the priest in varrock could you please post a pich of that message :?:











omg. ur outfit = my fav outfit! guthix pals for life! also u ever kno someone named akimbomac18?



thanks ::'


akimbomac18???? never heard of him...







you should add to your list of items that he needs that sometimes he requires 14 eggs


please post 5 or more items at a time...otherwise i would be adding really a lot of times....if in the future i alsmost had all items...you may post one by one//

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That's a really good guide! Although, it seems like this mini-game it for low-levels. Also, please revise you guide for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. ::'


"We will certainly not be gaining money or members with this update. Instead, we are doing this for the good of the game, which is as dear to our hearts as it is to you."

- JAGEX, December 13, 2007

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I really like this guide, it's a subject that hasn't been addressed and I've been curious about it! Yay!!




Please do continue to make changes (even if they are one at a time) to collect as much information as possible.




Most importantly, please get someone to help you with the English grammar and spelling to get this guide into super shape - it needs a lot of improvement in that area. (Yes I realise you are Dutch - no offence intended ;).)




Check with me if you need anything.


it's a lot easier to get over yourself when you look at intelligence the same way you look at beauty, or height, or eye color: being smart is easy, but being good is hard ... being smart is handed to you, being good is handed to *nobody*.

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thank you!!!!




continue giving tips...and help me with some grammar!!




if you have questions, or you want a part of the guide more worked out?


please post!!




Please do continue to make changes (even if they are one at a time) to collect as much information as possible.



ok will do that from now on...

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