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Thanks to Chazimcgee for the banner <3




Currently not really playing actively, so don't expect much updates...





Welcome to my blog!





[hide=Latest Achievement]08jun15-160904.png[/hide]


[hide=A Poem by Zeddude!]




Deck Heph's house with rings and whips!




To waterbirth island in a ship!




Hurting rex and supreme


Falala lalala lalala


With Hephs intelligent and cunning scheme






See Heph get ready to be festive!




He is always helpful and suggestive




His godsword is so strong and mighty


Falala lalala lalala


Hanging up the stars and lighties!






Merry christmas and happy new year!




Heph is a great guy, nothing to fear




Only when hes in his warrior mode


Falala lalala lalala


Be careful when talking or he'll explode!


Fa-la-la-la-la la la..la............la








Heph is here to kill and slay the bad guys


For every enemie he has a disguise.


Getting awesome drops like dragon and whips.


Soon he will be able to kill them while doing flips.


Heps is known as the exterminatior


and also known as the terminator.


He destroys monsters like there ants.


Thats why he complains for stronger and posts rants.


Good luck hep its monster killing time.


I hope you have a thrilling time.[/hide]




[hide=His older work]Attack and Slayer


are ur goals


Work on them


using cannonballs


Were here to support u


all the way


every week


and every day


All cheer for hep


Give him some luck


If u dont achive ur goals


ill turn u into a duck[/hide]




[hide=Stuff by Shotdown12]


Heph, Heph,


Getting abby kills done,


Giving out free whips


I hope hell give me one.


Killing those demons,


back to back,


with 85 slayer and 99 attack.




Praying at a altar,


at 99, we party at a bar,


u better reach ur goal and update ur blog,


if not,


ill turn u into a frog.




Heph, Heph,


paving the road,


Having some fun?


Nah, a load.


Lowering the abby population,


Cooler than the whole nation.




(sing it fast)






go left,


nah right,


dont fight,


go up,




go down kay?


now lets DK.[/hide]










My name is Christian, 15 years old and I live in the Netherlands.




I've started playing RuneScape around February 2006, joined members in May and Tip.it Forums in July.


I've made a lot of progress since I was a newb, fresh of Tutorial Island, but there is still a lot more to achieve. :P


You will probably run into me on world 99 sometime, don't hesitate to HYT me!


...This will be My Journey, My BlogScape.




Table of Contents






-Table of Contents




-Dagannoth Kings




-Friend blogs


-Closing words


( use Ctrl+F to go to a particular part of the blog)








I'll start with my starting stats and my current stats:





Starting Stats:




Current Stats:









Primary Goals




70 Agility:








90 Magic:






99 Magic:






90 Slayer:








Secondary Goals




90 Ranged:












All stats 70+






-Item goals




None at the moment o.O






[hide=Achieved Goals]





99 Prayer!






Latest Level:]07okt20-211730.png


This is going to take me a long long time, not only raising enough money to buy all the Dragon Bones required (42K of em), but also bringing all of them to my house and using them on my altar.




I've been thinking this thing through for a couple of weeks now.


Will I make it, will it be worth it in the end, how will I raise all the money, shouldn't I wait till dragon bones drop to their old price.


I've decided to make a decision: 99 Prayer will be my next 99, unless I get another one while getting all the money required. But the latter is very unlikely.




13 September 2007: Bought all bones needed, using them now.


I'm hoping to have 99 Prayer before the end of next month.




Goal achieved:




99 Prayer -- Pictures!]




The Vid =D
























99 Attack and 85 Slayer:Achieved






Goal Achieved] 07jul01133121hl5.png








Goal Achieved]slay.png


As the avid posters of my blog know, my original plan was to get 99 attack on my first aybssal demon after 85 slayer






Since I started to use a cannon, this isn't going to happen.




So what's the new masterplan?




I will get 85 slayer, just as planned.


After this I will camp at abyssal demons for the final 1M attack xp.


Hopefully this will result in a couple of whips to fund my new goal:


99 fletching.




Why these levels? I really want a Abyssal Demon head on my wall, the money also is nice xd


and I hope to get my first dragon drop from them or from other monsters on my slayer journey.


The Skillcape of Attack just looks hawt kai?








Goal Achieved: 20/10/07








Goal Achieved: 17/06/07












Goal Achieved07mei18191755ju4.png


It's time that I can fish my own sharks, I mean, if autoers can do it, so can I :D.








I want to make my own super restores, might upgrade this goal to 66 for


supersets sometime.








I've been fletching since I joined members, this lvl will just come slow but steady.


Goal Achieved]07jul06-20.png[/hide]






Hephaistos50.png Shortterm


[hide=Goal Achieved]07mei28165508ay5.png[/hide]




-Item goals




Full Guthan[x]


Santa Hat [x]


99 attack cape [x]


Trimmed 99 attack cape [x]


Dragon Chainbody [x]


Dragon Legs[x]


My own dragondrop[x]


Abyssal Demon Head [x ]




Yes, I like red 8-)










Dagannoth Kings




[hide=DK trips #1-#25]




Moved to here due to lack of space[/hide]


[hide=DK trip #26]




Duo mage with vold again!


We had great fun :]


I've also noticed an increase in the amount of people DKing, probably since luring is dead...


We met a couple of mages in the lair, but they all hopped =D


When the trip started, I was about 10k xp away from 97 HP and 122 Combat, I got that in the lair =D












All convos remain secret again. :x[/hide]


[hide=DK trip #27]




First hybrid trip in a long time.


Jordanweb maging and Sjakie and me hybridding.


Entrance was pretty messy and I used up more food than I wanted to...


Prime hit a nice 46 and the world was laggy, so yeah >.>




After that every went smooth, except for huge lagg =/


After a while Jordan checked and told us we were hybridding on a 2k world.


After even more lagg, we decide to hop.




Jordan logs inside the lair and goes to check the german world.




And who was dking there....no one less but the great *cough* tuuma himself...he lured jordan when he was about to hop and had to tele.




Sjakie and me were left without a mage, just great...




So with a dry trip and no mage, we decided to tele =(








[hide=DK trip #28]




Probably the shortest report you've ever seen from me




Thanks to Nac for suiciding, trip remained dry.




Finding an empty world is really tough these days and when you find one, you'll probably get worldcrashed pretty soon, so no more DKing for heph till the hols are over. Unless I start to get withdrawl symptoms that is.[/hide]


[hide=DK trip #29]




4 man trip, with Shey and Wele maging and Sjakie and me hybridding.




We had a great entrance and the trip overall went smooth as well =D




The trip remained dry till the end where I got a Mudstaff, my first ever!




On my last Prime kill I got a sweet little red farewell present as well =D




The mages kept maging after the hybrids left and they got a Warrior and a Zerker, back to back as far as I know(or at least pretty quick after eachother).




They shared the rings with the hybrids, so we ended up with a nice 2M share.








[hide=DK trip #30]




Kohe and Vold hybridding, me maging.




First time as a mage with hybrids and it went well, especially at the end.


We had some trouble with Rex sometimes, when he kept hugging vold.




No drops for me, kohe got 2 axes and a mud, vold got a mud.




3.3M share =D


















[hide=DK Trip #31]




My fist time as a solo hybrid and Sjakies first time with a Void mace.




Too bad the trip remained dry, but I did get 89 ranged.










[hide=DK Trip #32]




Mage/hybrid trip again with Sjakie, but this time the other way around.


Sjakie hybridding and me maging. Sjakie got an axe on one of his last kills, my trip remained dry again...




Better luck next time I suppose =P.






[hide=DK Trip #33]




Duo Hybrid with sjakie, scorp maging.


My first team monsterhunt trip with Lootshare, I still think it sucks :P


We first tried to find a good world, did a couple of hops and almost picked a 500 people world because all were full. But then a genius came up with the idea to DK on the german world. Scorp got axe pretty quick, sjakie followed with an archer. Then scorp had to tele and we were left without a mage. Luckily sjakie had some bloods from Prime, so he maged and I hybridded. Turned Lootshare off, got a Mudstaff lol.










[hide=DK Trip #34]




Sjakie's Mass DK trip to celebrate his 100th trip.




(for more pics, see Sjakie's Blog/Rate This thread)




Lootshare was being nice to me once:










After a while I all of a sudden see a lot of big red thingies around my char and before I know it I'm down to 13 HP lol, teled out with some supplies left, but I'm happy I didn't die =D.[/hide]


[hide=DK Trip #35]




Trip was supposed to be a duo mage with Gimli, but in Seers we ran into 2 Hybrids in Seers bank, so we went with them. (Sorry wouter)




After hybrids teled, gimli and I did a couple duo kills and I hopped to w12 to finish solo, gimli helped me get sup and prime off me and teled.




Dry trip ftl :C








[hide=DK Trip #36]




Sjakie and Vold went to duo hybrid @ DKS, but they failed to find a mage.


And being the nice person I am, I decided to help them out.


Not to mention Rex still owes me a couple of axes, last axe from him was in October...




Another dry trip for me...










Vold got cull lol.[/hide]


[hide=DK Trip #37]




Sjakie and me hybridding again, Skully maging this time.


Skully got a Zerker early on in the trip and an Axe on one of his final Rex kills. Trip with him remained dry, but Sjakie and I still some pots left, so we looked for a world with a mage in it and eventually found one. We do some more kills and on the final Sup I see this:








A lot of other rare drops before as well(look in inventory):











Level ups:








15/05/07 61 Herblore


15/05/07 89 Hitpoints


16/05/07 80 Magic


17/05/07 96 Fletching


18/05/07 76 Fishing


19/05/07 77 Cooking


20/05/07 95 Attack


21/05/07 81 Slayer


27/05/07 70 Smithing


28/05/07 90 Hitpoints


02/06/07 82 Slayer


02/06/07 96 Attack


09/06/07 75 Range


11/06/07 62 Herblore


16/06/07 83 Slayer


17/06/07 82 Defence


17/06/07 97 Attack + 1700 Total


19/06/0791 Hitpoints


21/06/07 76 Ranged


22/06/07 84 Slayer


24/06/0777 Ranged


25/06/07 98 Attack


26/06/07 85 Slayer (2)


27/06/07 64 Construction


27/06/07 65 Construction


27/06/07 66 Construction


27/06/07 67 Construction


28/06/07 68 Construction


28/06/07 69 Construction


28/06/07 63 Prayer


01/07/07 99 Attack Emote Vid


03/07/07 97 Fletching


04/07/07 63 Farming


04/07/07 98 Fletching


06/07/07 99 Fletching


06/07/07 84 Defence


08/07/0764-72 Prayer


09/07/07 73 Prayer


09/07/07 74 Prayer


10/07/07 63 Herblore


10/07/07 75 Prayer


10/07/07 76 Prayer


10/07/07 77 Prayer


11/07/07 78 Prayer


11/07/07 86 Strength


12/07/07 62 Runecrafting


12/07/07 79 Prayer


13/07/07 80 Prayer


13/07/07 81 Magic


15/07/07 81 Prayer before rollback


15/07/07 81 Prayer after rollback


15/07/07 82 Prayer


16/07/07 93 Hitpoints


17/07/07 86 Defence


20/07/07 78 Ranged


25/07/07 87 Defence


27/07/07 64 Farming


31/07/07 88 Defence


01/08/07 87 Strength


04/08/07 82 Magic2


05/08/07 64 Herblore


05/08/07 88 Strength


06/08/07 94 Hitpoints


06/08/07 63 Thieving


07/08/07 89 Strength


08/08/07 65 Herblore


10/08/07 90 Strength


11/08/07 68 Crafting


13/08/07 89 Defence


13/08/07 79 Woodcutting


17/08/07 90 Defence


18/08/07 63 Runecrafting


26/08/07 91 Defence


01/09/07 83 Magic


09/09/07 92 Defence




15/09/07 83 Prayer


15/09/07 84 Prayer


15/09/07 85 Prayer


16/09/07 86 Prayer


16/09/07 87 Prayer


18/09/07 88 Prayer


19/09/07 89 Prayer


21/09/07 90 Prayer


22/09/07 91 Prayer


22/09/07 92 Prayer


28/09/07 93 Prayer


29/09/0764 Thieving


30/09/07 94 Prayer


30/09/07 86 Slayer


04/10/07 95 Prayer


10/10/07 96 Prayer


13/10/07 97 Prayer


13/10/07 64 Runecrafting


13/10/07 78 Cooking


14/10/07 67 Farming


18/10/07 98 Prayer


20/10/0799 Prayer | the vid


22/10/07 96 Hitpoints


22/10/07 67 Hunter


22/10/07 84 Magic


23/10/07 92 Strength


26/10/07 69 Crafting


26/10/07 70 Crafting


27/10/07 85 Magic


27/10/07 93 Defence


27/10/07 65 Agility


04/11/07 71 Crafting


04/11/07 80 Woodcutting


06/11/07 68 Farming


10/10/07 95 Defence


11/10/07 70 Construction




22/11/07 87 Slayer


24/11/07 68 Herblore


28/11/07 76 Firemaking


07/12/07 77 Firemaking


09/12/07 78 Firemaking


21/12/07 86 Magic


22/12/0797 Hitpoints


23/12/07 93 Strength


25/12/07 80 Ranged


29/12/07 94 Strength[/hide]









02/01/08 95 Defence


06/01/08 88 Slayer


06/01/08 66 Agility


11/01/08 95 Strength


20/01/08 20 Summoning


20/01/08 98 Hitpoints | 126 Combat


21/01/0896 Defence


22/01/07 34 Summoning


25/01/08 81 Ranged


25/01/08 65 Runecrafting


25/01/08 82 Ranged


27/01/08 35 Summoning


27/01/08 36 Summoning


27/01/08 37 Summoning


27/01/08 83 Ranged


30/01/08 84 Ranged


30/01/08 85 Ranged


03/02/0886 Ranged


04/02/0887 Ranged


05/02/08 88 Ranged


06/02/08 99 Hitpoints | Vid


07/02/08 97 Defence


07/02/0889 Slayer


08/02/08 39 Summoning


08/02/08 40 Summoning


10/02/08 65 Thieving


10/02/08 46 Summoning


10/02/08 89 Ranged


12/02/08 87 Magic


17/02/08 79 Firemaking


21/02/0898 Defence


04/03/08 90 Slayer


08/02/08 69 Herblore


08/02/08 68 Hunter


08/02/08 48 Summoning


08/02/08 99 Defence









Drops since 14/05/07








14/05/07 My first robin!


15/05/07 My second robin, first clue after the first one


17/05/07Rune boots #1


17/05/07Lvl 3 clue reward


17/05/07 Lava Battlestaff #1


20/05/07 Rune boots #2


20/05/07 Rune boots #3


20/05/07 Rune boots #4


20/05/07 Rune boots #5


25/05/07 Lava Battlestaff #2


25/05/07 Mystic Bottom #1


26/05/07 Lava Battlestaff #3


26/05/07 Lava Battlestaff #4


26/05/07 Lava Battlestaff #5


26/05/07 Lvl 3 clue (aberrant specter)


27/05/07 Black Cav (hellhound)


28/05/07 Zammy Page 3 (hellhoud)


28/05/07 Granite Maul #1


02/06/07 Mystic Bottom #2


02/06/07 Lava Battlestaff #6


02/06/07 Mystic Bottom #3


03/06/07 Rune Heraldic Helmet


08/06/07 Crawling Hand


08/06/07 Lava Battlestaff #7


08/06/07 Lava Battlestaff #8


08/06/07 Granite Maul #2


08/06/07 Granite Maul #3


09/06/07 Mystic Bottom #4


09/06/07 Rune Boots #6


10/06/07Rune Boots #7


10/06/07Rune Boots #8


17/06/07 Zammy Page 2(greater demon)


17/06/07 Rune Boots #9


17/06/07 Rune Boots #10


17/06/07 Black Platebody [g](minotaur)


21/06/07 Rune Boots #11


23/06/07 Rune Boots #12


23/06/07 Rune Boots #13 (no pic)


25/06/07 Rune Boots #14


25/06/07 Rune Boots #15




27/06/07 Abyssal Whip #1!


27/06/07 Abyssal Whip #2


27/06/07 Abyssal Whip #3


28/06/07 Aybssal Whip #4


30/06/07 Abyssal Whip #5


02/07/07 Abyssal Whip #6


02/07/07 Abyssal Whip #7


06/07/07 Abyssal Whip #8


07/07/07 Abyssal Whip #9


07/07/07 Abyssal Whip #10


08/07/07 Abyssal Whip #11


09/07/07 Dragon Chainbody #1


16/07/07 Abyssal Whip #12


17/07/07 Abyssal Whip #13


17/07/07 Abyssal Whip #14


21/07/07 Dragon Med Helm #1


26/07/07 Abyssal Demon Head #1


31/07/07 Warrior Ring #1


03/08/07 Abyssal Whip #15


04/08/07 Abyssal Whip #16


07/08/07 Dragon Spear #1


07/08/07 Abyssal Whip #17


10/08/07Berzerker Ring #1


13/08/07 Abyssal Whip #18


13/08/07 Warrior Ring #2


13/08/07 Warrior Ring #3


14/08/07 Abyssal Whip #19


14/08/07 Saradomin Dragonhide Body [Abyssal Demon]


15/08/07 Abyssal Whip #20


25/08/07 Abyssal Whip #21


26/08/07 Zamorak Full Helm [Abyssal Demon]


30/08/07 Dragon Boots #1


30/08/07 Dragon Boots #2


30/08/07 Dragon Boots #3


31/08/07 Dragon Med Helm #2


31/08/07 Dragon Boots #4


31/08/07 Dragon Boots #5


01/09/07 Abyssal Whip #22




07/09/07 Abyssal Whip #23


07/09/07 Dragon Chainbody #2


09/09/07 Abyssal Whip #24


09/09/07 Abyssal Whip #25


09/09/07 Abyssal Head #2


24/09/07 Saradomin Platebody & Blue G chaps


14/10/07 Death Talisman


15/10/07 Ahrim's Staff


16/10/07 Torag's Platelegs


17/10/07 Dharok's Greataxe


21/10/07 Archers Ring #1


22/10/07 Black Cav #2


22/10/07 Warrior Ring #4


22/10/07 Warrior Ring #5


23/10/07Dragon Axe #1


24/10/07 Seers Ring #1


25/10/07 Warrior Ring #6


25/10/07 Berserker Ring #2


25/10/07 Berserker Ring #3


26/10/07 Berserker Ring #4


28/10/07 Dragon Axe #2


28/10/07 Dragon Axe #3


02/11/07 Dragon Skirt #1


03/11/07 Dragon Boots #6


03/11/07 Dragon Boots #7


03/11/07 Dragon Boots #8


10/10/07 Abyssal Whip #26


20/11/07 Dragon Boots #9


20/11/07 Dragon Boots #10


25/11/07 Ahrim's Hood #1


16/12/07 Black Mask #1


16/12/07 Dragon Boots #11


16/12/07 Dragon Boots #12


21/12/07Warrior Ring #7


21/12/07 Berserker Ring #5


22/12/07 Seercull #1


24/12/07 Dragon Boots #13


24/12/07 Dragon Boots #14


27/12/07 Dragon Legs #1


28/12/07 Dragon Axe #4


28/12/07Mud Battlestaff #1


28/12/07 Dragon Axe #5


28/12/07 Dark Bow #1


29/12/07 Saradomin Stole[/hide]







02/01/08 Granite Maul #4


02/01/08 Dragon Boots #15


04/01/08 Dragon Spear #2


12/01/08 Zamorak Helm, page and Rune [g] Kiteshield


13/01/08 Abyssal Whip #27


13/01/08 Guthix Stole #1


26/01/08Dragon Skirt #2


27/01/08Granite Maul #5


29/01/08 Granite Maul #6


31/01/08 Dragon Skirt #3


01/02/08Rune Plate [t] and Legs [t]


02/02/08 Dragon Boots #16


06/02/08Brine Sabre #1


07/02/08 Shield Left Half #1


08/02/08 Brine Sabre #2


08/02/08 Granite Maul #7


09/02/08 Abyssal Whip #28


14/02/08 Mystic Bottom #5


15/02/08 Mud Battlestaff #2


16/02/08Abyssal Whip #29


18/02/08 Seers Ring #2


21/02/08 Black Mystic Top #1


21/02/08 Granite Maul #8


23/02/08Mystic Bottom #6


24/02/08 Dragon Axe #6


29/02/08 Abyssal Head #3


07/03/08 Dragon Boots #17


07/03/08 Dragon Boots #18







Thanks zeddude!


Thanks Nac_Fan!


And thanks to Nac_Fan again!


Thanks to Zeddude for the Zamorak Full Helmet!


Thanks LittleBig!


Thanks to Nac_Fan for donating a DRAGONaxe








16/05/07 Me and Viske_pk being owned by bob.


04/06/07 Grim Tales done


10/06/07 Dragon Chainbody and Dragon legs aquired


02/07/07 10 Million Fletching xp


14/07/07 Infinity Boots achieved


04/11/07 I mined my first Runite ore, thanks to Shey!















My bank picture of the 4th of May 2007(might make a new one if there is enough interest)



Bank of Hephaistos50 04/05/07


Best of Bank, 27/05/07


Best of Bank 07/07/07


Best of Bank 03/08/07


Start of the 99 Prayer Goal 31/08/07.





Friends Blogs:




Currently adding more blogs to the list





Antonios' Blog




I Had A Deal


Bouwzie's Blog


Sjakie's Blog


Zeddude's zedtastic blog!


Toxic' Blog


Voldmort0's hawt blog!


Thiesje's Blog


Nac Fan's blog


Memo's Blog



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Good luck with that, i got the same goals!





- I'm not proud of everything I've done, but I have no regrets


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Some nice goals! Get 99 fletching with me! :D We could have a double party. Good luck mate, I have to go now, talk to you later. :(

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Thanks to the both of you, I tried to change my profile and got this message:




Unable to reseed PRNG




Anyone know what that means?


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That's funny. I have the exact same goal. And I'm dutch aswell. Want to add me? ::'

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That's funny. I have the exact same goal. And I'm dutch aswell. Want to add me? ::'




Sure :D


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nice boots :D


add me to your friends blog and list :P

[4Th in Finland to achieve 99 mining. 3Rd of June 2007]

Pixels make me horny.

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yay you made teh blog!




arr i be addin ye to mah friends blogs!


click my sig for my blog!!!

Thanks everyone for the sigs they pwn!

No. Why should i give presents for someone in rs?

Most selfish thing I've ever heard

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I decided to make a new banner that would illustrate my goals more clearly.






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Good luck! Go for the 99 attack! :thumbsup:


I'm sure you can do it! Eyes on the price! :XD:



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Wewt nice blog, might take some of the layout to help mine look better if you dont mind?




Hope you achieve your goals btw XD


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Yeah add me if you want XD made some banner to my blog now. Kinda makeshift, im no sig maker lol but still looks alright for now. gonna continue adding to my blog and making it look better XD


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Keep going! Nice drops <3:





- I'm not proud of everything I've done, but I have no regrets


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Nice bloggeh!


Awesome drops, 80 slayer huh? :twisted:


Goodluck with your goals, especially Fletching








P.S. Nice Santa. :wink:


^^ Click sig for my blog!
feel free to PM me in game if you need any help.
RSN: Maelus

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Good luck






Keep going! Nice drops <3:








I will :wink:







Nice bloggeh!


Awesome drops, 80 slayer huh? :twisted:


Goodluck with your goals, especially Fletching








P.S. Nice Santa. :wink:






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Keep going buddy =D>


Phr33 R00n B00ts Pl0x :D



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Thanks mate.




Fishing is becoming really boring lol :-X




Back to slayer asap!


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