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My name is Eamonn, I am 15 years old, and live in Auckland, New Zealand. In my free time, I like to listen to music and play Soccer. My favourite bands are: Steriogram, Elemeno P, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, U2, AC/DC, SMASHING PUMPKINS <3, The Pixies and the Sex Pistols (Lol) I play Soccer for a club called Bay Olympic (Ftw) I started playing RuneScape about a year and a half ago, on December 20th, 2005. (I remember it because I finished Intermediate school that day) I started with an account called Traincreatur, But soon got bored of it, and started another account, Tim Little1. I played on it for a while, Got bored (again) and quit for a 3 month period. I came back, After being told by a friend, that pures made great money, So, I created a pure (I X3r0x I). Sadly though, it was unsuccesful. I turned it into a main account, and earnt a couple million gp, before it got hacked =( So I created the account X Oh Ex Oh X, Which is semi-retired, Mainly because of boredom, So I created the account I have today, Moist fart.




Feel free to add me and have a chat.






Current stats


3/11/07 - 2nbhwsl.gif




Latest level:


67 Mining, don't have picture.




[hide=*Notable* levels since blog started]


Lost all my pictures, I'll put some new ones up soon.[/hide]








3/11/07 - 6frsepd.gif






Current Goals:














-Get 500 total


-Get 1000 total


-Earn my first 1 Million coins


-Get 1000 posts on my blog


-Finish 100 days in my daily blog








Bank Picture








Need to put a new one up.




[hide=Daily Blog]




Day 1


14/9/07 - Finished smithing my Iron bars, Attempted doing the SoS, But died with 10k (grrrr..) And created this blog. Also got 32,33,34 and 35 smithing today.




Day 2


15/9/07 - Did lots of fishing today, got up to level 38.




Day 3


16/9/07 - Lots of fishing today, went from 38-50. Also cooked some of the fish for 40 cooking. Got 6 prayer in a random today, check post 12, page 1.




Day 4


17/9/07 - Did some melee training today, got 10 in all melee skills.




Day 5


18/9/07 - Finished Rune Mysteries today, got a new goal, to mine Rune essence until 50 Mining, then rc a bit until like 20/30 Rc, Then sell the rest for $ (Something I'm pretty low on at the moment *cough* lol.




Day 6


19/9/07 - Kept mining today.




Day 7


20/9/07 - Got up to 1k ess, sold the ess, gonna wc and fm in rimmy for a bit.




Day 8


21/9/07 - SCHOOL HOLIDAYS FTW!!!!!Apart from that, got up to 41 wc and like 45 fm today.




Day 9


22/9/07 - Even more wc and fm today, got up to 50 fm and 46 wc I think.




Day 10


23/9/07 - More wc and fm..




Day 11


24/9/07 - Mined today.




Day 12


25/9/07 - Finished my mining, And crafted all my clay. Gonan move onto my silver tomorrow.




Day 13


26/9/07 - 40 Crafting ftw!




Day 14


28/9/07 - Got 2 donations for I decked u today, Also helped him get 50 RC (All in f2p too) Got like 20 Ranged and 20 magic too. Ended the day training some combat in the SoS.




Day 15


29/9/07 - Lots of combat training today.




Day 16


30/9/07 - I can't exactly remember what I did today to be quite honest.




Day 17


1/10/07 - Got 60 wc and fm, then 50 mining! Wewt!




Day 18


2/10/07 - Got up to 49 crafting and 54 mining, possible gonna get 56 (maybe 57) mining tomorrow, and definitely 50 crafting.




Day 19


3/10/07 - Got 50 crafting (WOOT?) and got 55,56 and 57 mining today.




Day 20


4/10/07 - Got 58 and 59 mining today. Big 60 tomorrow!!




Day 21


5/10/07 - I got 60 mining today. Woot much?




Day 22


6/10/07 - Started my quest for 10K COAL ORES!




Day 23


7/10/07 - 61 mining today. Also hit 1k coal. This should be a breeze.




Day 24


8/10/07 - 62 mining today. Didn't play much though.




Day 25


9/10/07 - No levels today, didn't play much either.




Day 26


10/10/07 - 63 mining today. Halfway to 70.




Day 27


19/10/07 - Yay for me, got my computer working again!




Day 28


21/10/07 - Got 64 mining.




Day 29


22/10/07 - Got members weeeeeeeeee




Day 30


23/10/07 - Didn't too much, pretty much was just bumming around.




Day 31


24/10/07 - 1 month mark!! Also bought my nasty halloween outfit. I r the cross dress reaper!




Day 32


25/10/07 - Uhhhh. Just messed around with 1way today.




Day 33


26/10/07 - I r obsessive slayerer.




Day 34


27/10/07 - Yet again, bummed around with 1way.




Day 35


28/10/07 - Gonna do a bunch of quests now..




Day 36


29/10/07 - Started mining 3k iron + all mith that spawned.




Day 37


30/10/07 - Got like 750 iron today.




Day 38


31/10/07 - Happy Halloween!!!!




Day 39


1/11/07 - Got up to 1.5k iron today.




Day 40


2/11/07 - 2k iron today.




Day 41


3/11/07 - Finished my 3k iron. Ended up with like 300 Mith ores which I'm deciding whether or not to sell, Or make into mith bars once I hit 50 smithing.




Day 42


4/11/07 - Got 48 smithing so far from smelting the bars. Like 2k/3k I think.




Day 43


5/11/07 - Got 50 smithing (Woo!) And finished smelting, going to start the smithing tomorrow.




Day 44


6/11/07 - Got 52 smithing.




Day 45


7/11/07 - 1 Day until 1way gets 99 hunter!! Wooot!!!! Got 54 smithing. like 500 bars to go.




Day 46


8/11/07 - Finished smithing my bars (Was making iron skirts btw) And headed off to 1way's party. Gave him 99k for the cape, and 1k iron skirts. Hehe.[/hide]




[hide=Random pictures]prayerrandomjq0.gif






[hide=Donations (Always appreciated ]














And an obby cape from him too, which i forgot to screenie..


Wub j00 1way <3:






Thanks a lot Sith <3




Thanks for that chocolate slice, It really hit the spot <3[/hide]




Friends Blogs!




Mars nubby blog to getting a nubby 99 in a nubby skill (Woodcutting)




Bows blog to 99 Crafting!




[hide=Thanks list]




- Mar The Hero, For always being there, Being an AWESOME friend, and being a fellow Kiwi <3




- Jaxonin1, For being a really cool guy, Also an New Zealander, and giving me his tinderbox that he used for 99 FireMaking <3




- 1wayt1ck3t, For just being a really great guy. Whenever I need help with something, he's there in an instant. If I ever have any questions? He's got the answer in a flash. Love you dude, Even though you're an aussie (But a kiwi at heart <3)




- Sithlord_Man, For being fun to talk to, and an alll-round noob <3




- L1t_Bomber, For being cool <3 (And really awesome)




- Lendel2000, For being a really awesome guy (Even though it's still another 5 or so months until he comes back...) awesome to talk with, and REALLY funny.(He was also my first ever friend on TIF)




- K_Nex2, For being a 100% uber leet NOOB.




- Theoknight2, For marrying me. <3 (And being uberrrr awesome to talk to)




- Bows4life27, For always looking at things positively, Ever since I first met him he has never said 1 thing negative. He's also a very funny person, And a great conversation starter.




- All of TET and TETAU, for making a bunch of AWESOME events.








If I have forgot anyone, just tell me, And i'll put you up there.


[signature not appropriate]

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Oh so that Moist guy was you!




haha i didnt know... gonna miss oh ex




well goodluck man!

Hey Nicrune007 , Whats Your Username?


99 Ranged on 2/6/07 99 Hit Points on 9/5/08 99 Defense on 26/4/08 99 Attack on 14/2/09 99 Strength on 25/2/09 99 Slayer on 13/9/09\:D/

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i hate your post jj. :evil:




good luck x oh! new account, but i'll stick call you x oh narbcake <3:

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Woot! Finally I found your blog, nice levels you got and sword in bank :shock: , post on my blog when you have time please and good luck on all your goals :thumbsup:




Lol, I think I got 666 now :uhh:




From all my iron bars \'




Thanks for the post, I'll look for your blog.




The post after this is narb :-w


[signature not appropriate]

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