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best armor that doesn't break


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Dragon and rune don't break. Best would be a Fighter Torso I think.




P.S. Nice sig, Band of Brothers ftw.

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To answer your question, that would be 3rd age armor.




BUT to answer your question plausibly, it would be Bandos armor, if you don't want Rune or Dragon.




Full 3rd age armor costs around... 180m now? It's hard to remember, since it's near impossible to buy on the GE. It's a status symbol, not an armor.




Full Bandos costs around 25-30m nowadays, and gives a very nice strength bonus, and is a good bit stronger than Dragon.




Although, Torag's plate and legs gives much higher defense, and only costs around 600k. Repairing it isn't that expensive, and you do it a lot less often than you'd think.




Though it's your choice.

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Bandos defenitely...but it costly.


3rd age is good as well, but it is too expensive.


dragon is not that expensive and gives good bonuses.

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The answer to your question is bandos, but with the money it takes to buy bandos you could get more than 20 full sets of torag's and it would take about 300 hours for them all to degrade. You could probably get 99 hp in that time. :roll:

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i agree with ryder


Spam much?




Also try a fury, dragonfire shield and godswords.




spam :roll: that just means ill say the same as ryder....




Then don't say anything. Unless you have something additional to add, there's no reason to post.




OT: If you have an armor stand in your house, the cost of repairing is even cheaper than you'd think. And it's really easy coming up with the money to repair barrows.

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