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Ah hah :) i remember when you posted your little collection of these photos :)




Was the best out of the lot, nice on LP

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942nd to 99 hunter 2/8/07|26,042nd to reach 99 fletching 27/10/07|Quest Cape Achieved 22/1/08|50,000th to 99 Cooking 29/10/08

Dagannoth King Drops: 7 Zerkers 2 Axes 3 Warriors | Armadyl: 1 hilt first ever trip and kill | Barrows: 2 Dharok Legs 1 Ahrim Skirt 1 Torag Helm 1 Guthan Spear

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I'm just wondering, did they find the pic at DeviantArt or what happened?




I was just bored one day, and I knew the Volcom skateboard encouraged sending in artwork and stuff so I decided to see if Emerica did the same. Just sent it a few weeks ago and last night randomly got a response. :mrgreen:

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