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[TCE Tourny]Imperial Forces versus Eventual


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Imperial had been matched with Eventual, and we researched em quite a bit. They had higher lvls than us on RH, so we were worried. We started off making plans and they worked well in the war.






No Cap


Maximum 4 100's allowed


No Boundary


Fullout War




Imperial Starting: 20(our highest ever)










Eventual Starting: 11








War Recap




The begininng of the war started well because we expected alot moremembers from Eventual. They said they would bring 20. Lost 9. So we went to a death dot of thiers and attacked using our numbers to the advantage. We piled Clonewars, and a squad of ours piled Footyking(so he would be occupied and not hurt our lower levels). Clone tried a hand at tanking, and due to lag, it worked for abit. But our members stayed on him and he ran to NE corner, where he died. We then kept on piling, and our spamming completly washed over Eventual's. Eventually(no pun intended) they all died and we won with 18 remaining. We only know that Arc Gamma 43 died, we dont know who else.










Video Coming Very Soon(next hour)




Dance & Goodfight















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Upset of the tournament so far?




That's some massive commitment there Imperial. Definitely deserved to progress, congratulations!


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