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Tif - Overly logical


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Might not make any sense for you, but this is my view about some things in tif.




Almost everything on tif solicits logic only. There are several discussions, but the pattern is the same for each. Someone brings something up, people post their opinions, most opinions are ignored, some opinions are flammed, and the thread ends in a more or less civilized battle of wits.




You basically can't say anything at all and not get flammed, unless you adopt the safest opinion, or have the solidest of argumentation which should scare casual flammers away. People who don't post in absolute logic, usually people who come and go, basically get demolished, and I doubt they feel like coming back to tif after that. It's not necessarily bad, some casual posters really have idiotic opinions about things.




What's annoying is the lack of topics that solicit something else than logic. There are some topics that ask you how to feel about things, especially in questionnaires, but it's quite boring as no one even ever cares, reads or quotes what you say.




What kind of interactions members of this community have? You could basically spend years reading a regular poster posts and still not understand a single thing about them because all tif solicits is logic. Logic is useful, we all have it to a some degree, but logic is not who you are. Logic is not something a healthy community can grow onto. Debates are good, to an extent, but if all there is is debates, then this is just a war zone, and regular posters are people who enjoy to fight. Could you imagine getting 1000+ posts without being part of any debate? If you don't have your sword ready to defend yourself when you click that post button, get ready to be sliced up.




You can ignore snide comments, but what kind of ridiculous situation is it that you are forced to ignore people who quote you because these people are offensive? And because you know you'll get suck into another flame war if you reply?




Looking around on internet, each forum has their own characteristics. Some are shockingly friendly that you wonder what the catch is. Some are logical like tif's but I personally never saw another forum in which every single thing you say will be nitpicked and criticized if you are not careful with your wording. Some forums are very creepy, filled with questionable individuals. There are some for all tastes.




If you sit down and think about tif, what could you say about its community? I've been here a while, and I can't think of anything in particular. People come and go, maybe apart from off-topic. It's all very impersonal. Just like Runescape.




People say all the time how tif is filled with intelligent people. How great a community we have. Is that true? Could you say you know people here apart from that x time where you both flammed at eachother? As a whole? Apart from the TET making efforts to knit the community, there's nothing there.




Tif is mirroring RS itself, which has increasingly become just like this. Impersonal, logical, work, anyway I'm just rambling now. The whole point was to make people think about this. People have noticed in the past how unfriendly tif had become, I wanted to add some more explaining to that.




Could you imagine a tif in which people make jokes, have fun, and actually do something else than just debate? And here it comes...

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Then some idiot comes & flames this rant aswell..




I totally understand what you're saying, tonnes of people here just say what they want without any consideration towards other people. They think it's okay just becase they'll never meet most of the people they flame in game or in real life.

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You said yourself that people here say the Tip.it community is full of intelligent people. I personally always found this as rather arrogant, elitistic, disrespectful. Some local patriot compared Tip.it's intelligence to "an oasis in the RS desert". How stupid! Like the rest of the population is stupid. The word I use for Tip.it is "overrated" - at first it might seem like friendly and nice, but really it's no better than other forums.




I don't completely get what you're talking about when you're saying that Tip.it has too much topics that rely on logic, but I think that you're trying to tell us something about there being too few "casual" discussions. This is obvious, there are flamewars everywhere, how are we meant to have a good discussion?




There is this opinion I formulated, however, that if there is a forum for the game, its community will be similar to the game's community. One old ASCII-based roguelike, I was hard-pressed to find a single troll on those forums, and it was on some old page. On RS forums, I'm yet to see one which isn't ridden with flamewars, idiots, etc. (and is reasonably active at the same time) The best, I find, are the smaller forums where there is a hard core of members, which means that newcomers may have a hard time but if you don't break their house rules, you may have fun on that forum since you'll have that whole hard core as your friends.



You're being watched.

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It's actually quite funny how similar we think. I think it's the fact that some people are too serious to have a personality. They'd rather be known for how intelligent they are rather than how unique or creative. It's more common to see people foil ideas than come up with their own here. People fear being a nonconformist because they're afraid everyone will rain on their parade - and that's usually the case.




In comprehension to your point about logic: This might not make sense, but things look much different on a forum than in real life. On a forum, people will use logic to explain why such and such are good/bad. Fair enough. But most posts on here only really count in theory, instead of in reality. There really is a line between internet etiquette and real life etiquette in a way that even logic doesn't stay the same. On the internet, it seems like everything is just in black and white but in real life, ideas and expressions are far more versatile. And to be honest, logic can make anything sound anyway you'd like anyways. It really is just a battle of wits most of the time.




I'm not saying that debating isn't fun once in a while. But really, we need to think about it. Why do we even come to the forums in the first place? Not by any means saying I'm perfect - but I'm here to be exposed to different ideas and to also return the favor. What's the point of coming here at all if you are closed-minded - to show everyone else that you are right? Why?




We really should lean towards posting out of freewill instead of assimilation to the standards everyone else set for us. TIF is becoming too conformist.

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Agreed 100%




I just see it as complete closed mindedness. I could definitely name names, too. I think even if something is brought up on a long thread that has already been covered there briefly, people need to still respond with real answers, not flames. Who cares about repeating yourself... that's the magic of 'ctrl+c , ctrl+v'




Everybody's posts deserve the respect of consideration, because respectability is unconditional and unreserved.

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I also agree.




Tip.it is not exactly "real fun", it can be better but with so many people who spend their lives making fun of others opinions...(though sometimes a flame is all right).




I think the locked flame topics are the best, you get a laugh here and there.




(Wow, noone has flamed you yet...)

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I agree with pretty much every point.








Or at least try to get the Rant board rules changed.



Sig credit goes to ThruItAll. :D



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but I'm here to be exposed to different ideas and to also return the favor. What's the point of coming here at all if you are closed-minded - to show everyone else that you are right? Why?


I'm with this one, just that TIF *can't* accept new ideas from old ideas. When you post a thread about doing x better/more efficiently, you can get mixed responses of "oh didn't know that", [insert suggestion here] or they will continue to post their opinions on how the old way is better, which clearly isn't (if it is you wouldn't suggest a better) while ignoring all counter arguments you made to prove your point. From there usually escalates to a flame war by the original poster(OP) to the "must-stick-to-old-way" TIF because the OP is simply tired to keep posting his point to get ignored.




At least that's my opinion and my experience, which simply makes me give up TIF. Something is just wrong with TIF I can't simply put into words, I don't think what highlanders said fits my thoughts exact;y, but he pointed out part of it. The above example was kind of like a way to point out another bad thing of TIF.

Strangely with WotLK so near, I wished I could delay it a bit to push through that last TBC content in MH/BT :'(.

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Locked - This forum is meant for Runescape related rants only. As you say, everything follows a similar pattern. Just like how all non-Runescape related rants should be closed on this board.




If you want to spread your thoughts, try messaging an administrator.




- mrmyk


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