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I took my Bunyip into the Chaos Tunnels today for my Dust Devil task. I've used a couple attacking familiars there before (Cockatrices, Vampire Bats), and there's never been a problem for me before. However, my Bunyip isn't fighting. I asked a couple people, and they say they've never seen a Bunyip fight before. However, one of my friends looked it up and said they are supposed to give attack exp. So is this a glitch? Or why don't they fight? (I'm definitely in a multi-combat area.)

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they are mainly a healing familiar and they dont fight ive used at gargs in chaos tunnels only familiars that fight in multicombat areas consistantly are the combat fighting familiars such as the titans




mainly the bunyip is just for healing =p

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I realize that they are mainly for healing... but shouldn't they still fight like every other familiar out there?


Do you WANT your bunyip to get killed? It has almost no hp and very low defense, which is why it chooses to be useful and heal instead of fight. However, if you're fighting a person and they attack your bunyip, it will fight back in retaliation.

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