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And now for something completely different... Monty Python


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So, it appears that there hasnt been a Monty Python thread in a while... So I was wondering what everyones favourite sketches were and anything else Monty Python.




My favourite sketch is either the Fish-Slapping dance, the Cheese Shop sketch or the Spam Cafe sketch.


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I made the last thread. It died in March, so I guess I'll post here.




Me, my sister, and most of my friends love Upperclass Twit of the Year.




When the announcer says "And Oliver has run himself over!" :lol:


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I don't think Monty Python are very funny. I do enjoy their movie Life of Brian though.


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One of my favourite sketches is the one where Hitler and some of his associates are staying in a guest house





another is this one, where there has been a murder and a series of comedically named detectives come to investigate





of course there are many others whi8ch have been posted including the lumberjack song and the parrot sketch


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'How not to be seen' is one of my favourite sketches of all time. The Four Yorkshiremen is great as well.


Thanks Venomai for this super sig and Kwimbob for the awesome avatar!

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