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Me gusta, "i like" in spanish. and i certainly do like this.




after 2 years of play i finally broke one of my first ever goals. i remember the first ever pic i saw on tif was of someone that had just gotten 1800 total and i said to myself "i'm going to get that one day..." and now i finally have it...and all without a skill in the 90's




the level-


[hide=big image]86str.png[/hide]




the total-






the fastest bob i ever put togeather, add like 4m extra for what i left in the bank-






my entire progress in less than a years time(look at the dates)-






so rate.


-the total/stats


-the bank


-the outfit


-the progress




hat/rate/whatever i still love it <3:

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Where are you in that picture?




8/10 for total level


Dragon Drops: 4 Skirts, 4 Meds (PKed one) , 2 Legs, 1 Chain (Dust Devils), 1 Lump, 1 Shard

Armadyl Drops (219.78m): 13 Chestplates, 13 Skirts, 7 Helms, 8 Hilts

Bandos Drops (10.58m): 2 Chestplates, 1 Tasset, 2 Hilts, 2 Boots

Zamorak Drops (157k): 2 Steam Battlestaves

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Congrats on a single cooking level in an entire year :shock:


yea my first summer in rs i decided to get 99 cooking...and i stoped. then the only cooking i did was putting pinapples on pizzas and i got a level...i think i might just go for it again because i need something to do

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