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the opposite of what was expected?


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I paid 30m for my Dragon Platebody and I love it. Granted, I play on a female character because the stripe isn't nearly as noticeable nor as ugly, and the [bleep]es are much better looking on females, but meh. I love it. I have my dream outfit: Dragon Plate, Full helm, Legs, and Claws. I'm happy. I don't care that I've lost 18m lol. :P <3:

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Because it is not hard to get that extra 10 defense levels for barrows and once you do torags is a far superior armor in every way and much cheaper.




Dharok's Platebody and legs are even cheaper for the same stats.

OH S***! He/she/it is back!

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When it came out tons of people wanted it. After a few days people were posting how they were getting the pieces REALLY easy, Jagex said a couple days ago that the drop table was messed up and they made it harder to get the pieces now (and fixed some of the safe spots). Plummeting as all the sellers try to sell for minimum to jump off the burning ship fast, only making it burn faster. Personally, I'm waiting for it to hit rock bottom and then making me a dplate

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Heh...you may want to update that first post, as the D Plate is now number 4 out of the top 5 price falls in the GE :roll: . 16.6m today, it went down 1.8m. Hopefully it setles soon, lol. GF WGS :wall:



Come, be my light.

Mingle with my darkness

May we mix to create

Our own twilight sunset

The dusk breeze

Spreading clouds

On our murky horizon


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