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Kalphite Queen 4 slayer


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It does give exp, i do a couple of runs when i have a slayer task of kalphites.




Edit: Are you sure you're actually on a Kalphite slayer task?


Thank you to tripsis for an awesome sig!

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I did about 100 KQ kills for a kalphite task.




Hes right no slayer exp sometimes, but other times you get like 250 slayer exp. Seems random when you get the exp or not



Dragon Drops: 80+ boots, 7 med, 3 skirt, 2 left half, 2 Spear, 2 2h

Slayer: 30+ whips, 4 Bows, 1 Mask, 3 Granite Legs, 1 Visage (Wyverns)

Notable GWD Splits: Bandos Tassets: 12, Bandos Chest: 11, Bandos Hilt: 2

Proud Slayer of 99 Att/Str/Def/HP/Range/Summoning

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