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Should I sell....


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Lately, I've found less and less use for my DFS. I intend to finally get a Rune Defender soon and, with Blessed sprit shields so cheap and effective, I'm wondering: Should I cash in my DFS?


I hardly kill any dragons anymore, so that feature isn't particularly useful, plus the Defender would be better for training and Combat. I'd purchase a Blessed Spirit shield in it's place for when I need to Defence/prayer, and it would give me some extra spending money.




I'm not asking "when should i sell it for the most profit," I'm just wondering whether it would be a wise decision.




Thank you


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im having the same problem, i dont use my DFS very often anymore. but personaly, i wont sell it since atm i dont really need the money and it may be handy during a slayer task or when range tanking...



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