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A Noteworthy Achievement..

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Well it has been a while since I posted in Rate This! I have been after this for quite some time now.








My missing skills are 75 Construction, 75 Hunter, and 89 Summoning. ::' Current goals are 75 Farming and 96 Summoning now since I am done with school. Rate 1/10 I guess. Not posting my bank since I spent all of it on 82 Prayer. All the bank has is 2.8M Cash, Guthans, Whip, Fury, and some potions and pouches. #-o


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Congrats on the big 2000 Turn. ;)


Keep going and get 2100.


9/10. :D


[hide=]24x Dboots/28x Whips/6x Dbows

50+ Dk drops

99 Cooking achieved 25th of Janurary #52114 to 99.

99 Hunter achieved 21st Feburary #7216 to 99.

99 Defence achieved 7th July #48009 to 99.

99 Hitpoints achieved 5th August #60299 to 99.

99 Attack achieved 14th August #70001 to 99.

99 Strength achieved 2nd September #100069 to 99. [/hide]

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thought we were rating 90 cooking, i was like...l0l u srs?




then i saw 2000 total and was like..o




9/10 :D



61,078 to 99 Woodcutting - February 16, 2010

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Impressive job turn...now get 2100 total :twisted:


9/10, keep up the great job ::'




Albel doesn't say anything anymore, just comes in, leaves an arrow and vanishes into the night :(Probably
practising some euphonium

You nearly had me fooled, you fooler you


9/10. To me, always associate Albel with musical stuff in OT.

Everyone with a goatee and glasses is Albel now.

lmfao albel m8 wat r u doin, hi though.



[hide=Runescape Achievements]99 firemaking(2007), 99 woodcutting(2008), 99 fletching(2009), 99 magic(2010), 99 cooking(2010), 99 farming(2011), 99 construction(2011), 99 runecrafting(2012), 99 Hunter (2014),  99 ranged (2015), 99 HP (2015), 99 Slayer (2015), 99 attack (2015) 99 Defense (2015) 99 Prayer (2015) 99 Summoning (2015) 99 Strength(2015) 99 Herblore (2015) 99 Dungeoneering (2017)  99 Mining (2017) 99 Crafting (2017) 99 Smithing (2017) 99 Thieving (2017)  99 invention (2017) 99 Fishing (2018), 99 Divination (2018), 99 Agility (2018), MAXED (05/17/2018)[/hide]

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congrats, skills ending in zero strangely look the best.


Those with a little bit of knowledge are more dangerous than those with none.

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