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For those of you who don't know, Nike+ is a partner project with Apple and Nike. You grab some Nike+ shoes and a sensor to put in the insole, and then said sensor communicates with either your iPod Touch 2G (the 2G touch already has an integrated receiver), or any iPod Nano with a Nike+ receiver. Then, as you run, you can listen to your music, and as you run, your iPod acts as a personal trainer, motivating you and giving you detailed information about your run. You can basically do anything with it, from training to a 5k, to trying to beat your time record; and from burning a set number of calories, to just an open-ended workout. It's like have a treadmill, or other special equipment, anywhere you happen to me. You just whip out your iPod and run. Then, when you get home, you can sync your data to the Nike+ website, and you can look at all your runs through organized graphs and other neat stuff. You can even accept challenges, like training for a marathon; or join a team effort, such as the Nike+ Men vs. Women challenge. There's a lot of possibilities. The sheer awesomeness of it still amazes me. I've been wanting it for a while and I might go out and get it today. Any other Tip.It'ers have experience with it?




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I'm surprised they didn't market this new collaboration as "iNike", since most "trendy" or new things seem to have an *i* in them.

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The closest I have come to this product is owning the shoes. Not for the functionality of monitering my every move, but for the functionality of walking. Personally, I don't know if I would feel comfortable having my shoe be smarter than I. Just think if they started thinking on there own. :ohnoes:

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I've always wanted to buy the shoes and the rest of the stuff for it, but I always end up just buying different shoes and simply going to a gym (which has equipment to tell how about the calories I've lost, etc) and simply hear stuff on my iPod.

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I've always found the Nike+ system to be pretty interesting but I'm not about to go buy special shoes just so I can use it. I'd rather just buy the sensor and use it in shoes I already own and save the money so I've never bought the sensor or the shoes. Maybe one day I'll go and buy it but that would be if I ever got into running or jogging on a daily bases or something.

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