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51-60 Smithing


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Okay, I'm currently rounding out my stats, and my current goal is 60 smithing.




As stated in the topic, I'm 51 smithing atm.




1) What would be the fastest method, with no regard to loss? How much would I lose this way?




2) What would be a steady method (decent speed), with a slightly lower price?




Answering either is fine, thanks in advance.


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The fastest method would be the best platebody you could smith at that level.




The steadiest method with little loss could be cannonballs or once you reach 53 smithing, mithril bolts while using the blast furnace, I'd think.




Don't forget that stealing creation hammers help when you're smithing on an anvil. ^^


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you could also mine the gold yourself and smith gold bars with smithing gloves. (house teleport to karamja, mine the gold north of there, then teleport to cw with duel ring, and repeat that)


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