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Cheapest way for 75-99 mage?


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alch ruby rings at zanaris market usually between 10-25 loss per ring

Learn how to do 15+ barrow chest per run :My guide http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=113&t=800457

Barrow drops : Dhorak helm x1

,guthan body x1

verac helm x2

verac brassad ,

karil coif ,

guthan helmx2 ,

torag body

Guthan skirt


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Enchanting air orbs makes pretty good money, and isn't terribly slow XP wise.




Yea, this is a good way to train mage if you cant make money well any other way - and the good news is, there's no way in hell air orb prices will drop or crash unless they get merched.

I dont need a siggy no moar.

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No point in going that cheap, because it's what...5.5k xp/hour?


MTA on the other hand is about 75k xp/hr at a decent gp/xp rate.




and if you make your own cosmics, it's cheaper and you get rc exp.




Making you own cosmics doesnt necessary make it go "cheaper", because u can sell the cosmics and get other runes...or just do something more profiting and buy even more cosmics in ge...


opportunity cost, friend.




Anyway i heard mage training arena gives some cosmics back with pizza points?




Sorry for hijacking, I am also planning to train a bit on magic, I heard making planks and stunning are pretty fast exp, anyone know how much those spells cost?

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I'm sorry if any of you consider this as un-helpful, but this is pretty much the entire solution.


There is a certain amount of items you can alch for profit, being as they have a 100 item (for some) limit from the G.E. it isn't profitable. However, this page** gives you an incredible advantage and you can place orders ahead of time.








If you're smart, you can easily get a lot of free alchs for the entire day.

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