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Your attitude on questions


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Depends what I'm doing, if it's something that doesn't need much clicking (like wc) I give good answers (as long as it doesn't affect me, such as them taking my spot).




If I'm fming in the g/e and get asked a question (which happens all the time, especially because I wear a thief cape), I will give them a 1-2 word answer and not reply to more questions. Unfortunately I feel obliged to answer questions like this due to people reporting you to be an autoer, if this wasn't the case I wouldn't answer them.

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I try to answer questions as well as I can, though after being asked the same things dozens of times I've got a big mental list of pre-prepared answers so I guess they probably come out sounding kind of stale.




Sometimes I don't answer questions if its something that would disrupt what I'm doing or waste a lot of my time. For example, I absolutely hate it when a player comes up to me (while wearing my hunter cape), and asks me "how do you hunt?". If it were a bit more specific, like "how do you hunt chinchompas?" or something, I wouldn't mind answering, but I can't understand how I can be expected to sum up an entire skill and all the different techniques into a couple sentences. Ugh.


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If I don't have to get out of my way or stop doing something for it, I'll answer most questions that are asked politely enough. (A short story to it - I was wandering around Tai Bwo Wannai when someone came up to me and asked where Beckon is, and said he was doing a clue. Well, I informed him that maybe the game wants him to do the emote, and that he must do the emote inside the fenced-in village. Well, he gave me 10k for the help. It just might go this way for you as well.)



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depends on what im doing. its its relevant to the skill i am doing, i always answer to the fullest. if its something else, i do my best and give a 60% effort answer

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