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  1. I hated the ge at first, and in a way I still miss how trading worked. It was nice when you had to haggle with other players. But it is really handy.
  2. Its pretty rare for me to die, I was afk with baby blues and was killed by a blue dragon years ago. That sucked.
  3. I've played since classic, not sure if theirs a way to see the exact date
  4. I know key Items have aleady been said a bunch, but it sends me up a wall when I fairy teleport between slayer tasks to the kingdom of miscellania and forget my axe.
  5. 90 fishing. It's my favorite revenue building skill. I want 95 soon and 99 someday
  6. Favorite: fishing and slayer Least favorite: construction or farming, although to be fair I havent spent much time with either
  7. I feel like you could probably get a random event there, not speaking from experience, just what im assuming.
  8. I know in f2p its really annoying having to take the boat to karamja and all, but when I was f2p fishing lobs was how I made almost all of my money. I don't know what your fishing lvl is, but its worth it to get it up. Also I really enjoyed it then and still do now.
  9. For the most part I've always like the updates. I hated the GE at first, but now I appreciate it. I agree that it seems really frustrating to higher lvls to have that shard limit, but im confident in jagex that they will fix this.
  10. This is killing me! I haven't been able to log in (I'm on the forum via my phone) yet to see the new update! I'm really stoked to see the changes, I hope my laptop can handle them. :ohnoes:
  11. Congrats on the 99 dude. I want 99 fishing, I'm very slow though!
  12. Im an adult I suppose. 24, been playing rune since my early teens. Don't plan on stopping anytime soon!
  13. Wow I am way over the average age, eh? Im 24.
  14. I cut maples mostly, but I don't really get into woodcutting much. Basically just want a ravens egg...
  15. I examine everyone and everything. Especially if im fishing, I like to see what im up against :ohnoes:
  16. Werewolf, or maybe vampire. If they didn't appeal to me on release though i'd probably stick to human. I can't lie, the appeal of being an armored werewolf fisherman with bunnyears on is pretty high.
  17. Spelling is probably my biggest thing, or use of "e-speak." Attitude is another though, if you're rude I'm not going to give you the time of day. Anyone who's polite, in game or on here, I can get behind.
  18. Fishing, I plan on continuing monkfish from 87 to 90. Then back to sharks. I also want to woodcut until I get a ravens egg. Any advice on that?
  19. You can get god bird eggs from MTK, but I'm told raven eggs are impossible to get there. Thanks! I really want a ravens egg so this helps.
  20. I try to chop trees every day to keep it right at 99-100% once in awhile I fail. I usually have it at max fishing and then put the rest on coal or upgraded woodcutting. Actually, I've seen some debate on this, does anyone know for sure wether or not its possible to get an egg nest drop from the kingdom? Just curious! And yeah the kingdom rules, its made me a good portion of my money, totally worth it.
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