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  1. I hated the ge at first, and in a way I still miss how trading worked. It was nice when you had to haggle with other players. But it is really handy.
  2. Its pretty rare for me to die, I was afk with baby blues and was killed by a blue dragon years ago. That sucked.
  3. I've played since classic, not sure if theirs a way to see the exact date
  4. I know key Items have aleady been said a bunch, but it sends me up a wall when I fairy teleport between slayer tasks to the kingdom of miscellania and forget my axe.
  5. 90 fishing. It's my favorite revenue building skill. I want 95 soon and 99 someday
  6. Favorite: fishing and slayer Least favorite: construction or farming, although to be fair I havent spent much time with either
  7. I feel like you could probably get a random event there, not speaking from experience, just what im assuming.
  8. I know in f2p its really annoying having to take the boat to karamja and all, but when I was f2p fishing lobs was how I made almost all of my money. I don't know what your fishing lvl is, but its worth it to get it up. Also I really enjoyed it then and still do now.
  9. For the most part I've always like the updates. I hated the GE at first, but now I appreciate it. I agree that it seems really frustrating to higher lvls to have that shard limit, but im confident in jagex that they will fix this.
  10. This is killing me! I haven't been able to log in (I'm on the forum via my phone) yet to see the new update! I'm really stoked to see the changes, I hope my laptop can handle them. :ohnoes:
  11. Congrats on the 99 dude. I want 99 fishing, I'm very slow though!
  12. Im an adult I suppose. 24, been playing rune since my early teens. Don't plan on stopping anytime soon!
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