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Best Barrows Weapon?


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I'm about 60 exp away from 70 attack and wondering which barrows weapon to buy. I considered a whip, but I need something cheap and really need something I can train strength with. I'm leaning towards Dharok 's greataxe, but tell me if another melee brother is better.




Or, if I'm completely wrong slash missing another weapon, tell me. Thanks for the help.

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Like Every one else said Dscim + Rune Defender, Its a waste to get a barrows weapon without getting the whole set.





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The Whip is the best all around weapon. If you use it on controlled you won't have to worry about str exp.




For purely Str exp a SS would be best, then a D Scim+ Rune def would be the next best choice.

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Verac's flail and Torag's hammers are "decent" for fighting things that require crush, such as waterfiends, but outside of Dharok's axe or Guthan's spear with their respective sets, there isn't much reason to get a Barrows weapon.

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