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Controlled....Or not?


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It's up to you, really. Most people hate training on controlled because it takes longer to get one level and most people want that satisfaction sooner rather than later. If you don't have a god sword and don't like the dragon scimitar, I'd say do controlled. Otherwise, do one at a time.


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I've never seen calculations to support this, but this is my thinking




Your defence stat has no effect on the damage you do, and therefore no effect on training speed


(Assuming you have enough defence to camp whatever you're fighting)




This leaves Strength and Attack.




Attack, or how often you hit, is determined by your own level and the defence of the monster.


Strength, or how much you hit, is determined only by your own level.




So depending on how high the defence of the NPC you're fighting, there will be a point where it's more efficient to get strength levels than attack levels.






So, as explained, the fastest order to train your skills is above. Unfortunately, this means using a slightly worse setup for strength training. For the sake of this, lets say you have an SS (+82 slash, +82 strength).


A whip w/ rune defender is the most accurate weapon for damage over time (+101 slash, +87 strength).


The difference between these two setups is 19 slash, 5 strength. It will obviously be greater if you are using a dragon scim, or other weapon.




In light of the above, in order to be efficient using controlled:


The speed gain you get from using a whip on strength has to equal the speed loss you get from having to training defence, and your attack/strength skills in a sub-optimal order.

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Really it is your choice.. Noone has come up with solid data as to what's faster than the other..




I might test it out on some new accounts but that won't be for a long time and won't take into consideration the best training weapon in the game.

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A lot of today's popular fast training methods for melee have modifiers that enhance accuracy.




With that said, you don't really have to worry about Attack. Defense is also not important although it does make you last longer.




Strength is really the #1 skill to train first but since the whip+defender combo doesn't have that option, you probably are better off just doing controlled...if you can stand it.



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