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Tip.it Times 4 October 2009


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Tip.it Times is here!


Take a look here: Tip.it Times


You may discuss the articles here, but please specify which article you are discussing.


Also PM me for any spelling or grammar mistakes. Thanks!

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Just a few other major bugs for your next bug awareness article. (If you dont' know these I can give you some details about them - PM me)


The Durial321 and Cursed_You Glitch AKA The world 111 Massacre


The Instant Death Glitch


The "Micro" Glitch. (The one involving using the Greek Letter mu in the chat)


And Finally, The Castle wars Imp and Sheep transformation glitch.


Also both were great articles btw.

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What about the massive glitch when the Abyss was introduced? Mage's could PK players in a "safe" area, but melee fighters were not able to fight back. Dozens of players were banned, but not before a lot of people lost their equipment. One that stuck in my mind was a guy who brought full dragon armour (only chain and med helm in those days) and lost it. His attacker was stupid enough to post pictures of his loot online and gloated about how easy it was. He was quickly banned.

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Glitch articles are always fun to read.


I don't think I liked the second one much. When I was new I didn't care too much if my friends or anyone congratulated me on leveling, as log as I got a response I was happy. And when people use quick chat to say there level, I don't think anyone is bragging. I say it to show that I read what the person said, and just to show my own level. I do it even if my level is lower.

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the glitches that I remember are the Fally Massacre (as mentioned already) and the party hat duplication glitch (2003)


and the most recent one (and the biggest in a long time, IMO) was the one that happened in June of 2009 when Jagex tried to update their game engine which caused all sorts of problems ... many banks (including the GE) had no player access ... meaning you could not use the banks ... many creatures stopped attacking ... meaning that people had the ability to solo the Corporeal Beast with little or no fear of being killed ... going thru the Fight Caves could of been done in just a very short time (as compared to the many hours it normally takes) ... people were able to do the God Wars Dungeon without fear of being killed ... Jagex updated their servers a total of 6 times that day in order to right all the wrongs that occured



many of the most famous bugs/glitches can be found here at this link



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I think Master smither could have gone on almost forever explaining bugs in that article, it's hard to choose which ones to actually write about.


The second article is good, people always gloat and try to be above others even when the others have just achieved something.

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