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skull scepter


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The monsters that drop the skull scepter pieces are: Minotaurs, Flesh Crawlers, Catablepons and Ankous. Try to kill the weakest level of monsters you can find for fast kills and more likely skull scepter piece drops.

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Just keep at it. I heard that it is some what rare drop. For me i only killed a few of each and got each of my parts dropped.

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The best advice I can give you is to check the section here, as it shows a very clear map with all enemies labeled as well as their levels. Kill low leveled minotaurs with melee (unless you need the ranging experience) to save up some arrows for later in the dungeon. The flesh crawlers will auto-attack you if you have a low enough level (can't remember exactly, but they stop somewhere in the mid 40's to low 50's im pretty sure) The Catablepons are best dealt with through range, but beware that they can throw magic. A good set of ranger armor (green d-hide) is reccomended to deal with them. As for the ankou, I never really had a problem with them. I strongly suggest a high combat level (i did it when i was 55) and a well balanced melee and range skill set. Preferably at least 40 in all with around maybe a bit more strength. I also suggest that you bring D'hide armor and/or full rune and a near full inventory of food (I used lobbies, trout, and apple pies, take your pick. Just don't expect to do it in one sitting and keep a close eye on that hp.


I have currently saved up enough pieces to make 5 full staffs, but i wasn't using them much with the release of the explorers ring and it's teleport ability, and they were taking up bank space, so i dropped them. I kick myself for that sometimes, but what's done is done.



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I honestly had no problem with getting all 4 parts of the Skull Spectre. I have gotten 10 right skull half drops, 30 bottom half spectre drops, 3 top half spectre drops, and 1 left skull half drops all the time I was killing those monsters. Just keep killing, and you will eventually get them.


If you truly want a challenge, get both parts of the Shade robes.




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Sheer luck, and for some parts, you do need to check the pile, as they can hide under the bones.


For Minotaurs - either safespot them with range over fences, and use their own arrow drops to keep going, or just melee them.


Crawlers - there are a few trapping spots, but unless you are weak, melee is king here.


Catablepons - in the northwest is a rocksolid safespot, best to use range.


Ankou - there is a difficult safespot (mage them, can crumble undead) or use the Ankou only room to melee.

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