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  1. Inactive players shouldn't be removed if they have a certain level. People who get level 50 then quit rs, sure remove them, but anyone with a significant total level or multiple 99 stats shouldn't be removed, since even the easiest 99's still require a good amount of time dedicated to reach it.
  2. Um, I haven't looked carefully, but doesn't each "day" last 24 hours? So as long as you get on within a 24hr period shouldn't you be fine? Slayer day runs from whenever the update to midnight bst. So as someone already said we get like probably 5-10 hours tops, and most of that is during the school/work day, all of it actually if you live on the west half of the US.
  3. I still farm snaps for profit at 91 farming, although occasionally I'll do a torstol run or 2 if the prices are right.
  4. How does social=sexual? Also, have you ever been 14?
  5. I don't think I've farmed allotments aside from when all you can farm is potatos/onions TBH I mainly get my farming xp from herbs and fruit trees and calquats. Papaya/calquat trees are pretty good xp, and they're cheap. The seeds+ 10 pineapples costs less than 40k. Calquat seeds are under 15k each usually and I've never had a calquat die on me either even though I don't pay the protection price. Basically one snap run assuming no deaths pays for a days worth of papaya trees and possibly the calquat too. Also you get free pineapples from dell monti and 40 pineapples from arhein anyway, so you shouldn't need to buy pineapples from the GE.
  6. Smelting gold is only worth it with gold smithing gaunts, so if you aren't a member don't do it.
  7. The main profit from maples is the nests, and I usually get several yew/palm and a magic seed, although I also only collect MTK every month or so.
  8. Do conquest until you can get a deflector Then find one of the 120+ or w/e worlds and go there I got full void in a couple days doing that.
  9. I just got to 1250 rank on w144 recently (in the past week). I probably got about 500 point in the process too, because by the time I got above 1250 I'd bought elite legs and had enough to get deflector right away. There's not always a lot of people on 144, but there's usually at least a couple that show up if you wait around 5 minutes. I think if you go to the 110/115/120+ worlds (usually someone says trade for 1xx+ world near the boat) it's usually faster as long as there's 2 boats and you win pretty much every time. Conquest may be slower but time seems to pass quickly, and the points you get are based on time spent in game more than anything else so you don't have to worry about games going by quickly to get the most points from conquest and losing/winning only effects your rank, not the commendations you get
  10. Why not mine coal at LRC? It should be faster than mining iron.
  11. I'm in the middle of a desert strykewyrm task myself. Pros) Someone before said they have mediocre drops, but that's entirely subjective, I've gotten over 200k worth of potato cacti alone already and I still have just over 70 left off a task of 130ish. They drop elite clue scrolls They drop magic tree seeds Cons) Usual strykewyrm stuff, like their "special" attack and having to call each one up Slow Waterskins take up a bit of inventory space Filling waterskins isn't a huge deal actually because they drop 2 full waterskins fairly often, and you could just use humidify, and if you have a healing familiar and EE/SGS you probably won't need food. Basically, like jungle wyrms, they're pretty slow but I do them anyway because before the sight/hex were valuable enough, and now they drop elite clues, but I also don't care too much about my slayer xp/h
  12. People say RS is dead or will die every update, for the past 8 years...
  13. Use it on the skill level 60+ you hate training most.
  14. If I was a mid level doing a level 3 clue I'd be mad if a rune pick kept over rune boots or something like that. And pickaxe does keep over boots too.
  15. Everyone is selling for way above market price and buying for way below. Just wait for noobs to realize they won't get rares for 1 gp, or sell their raw materials for twice what it's worth and things will be back to more like normal. Also some items probably do need to adjust to a more realistic price that the GE stopped them from before.
  16. I doubt you'll get killed. I never died from pk'ers going to the abyss back in the day. Hell, I rarely died from pk'ers when I was at rune rocks.
  17. Kid annoys me, but it's mainly because I know I'm a lot older than anyone who actually think Kid is a good insult.
  18. All I do slay pretty much, and it's already enough of a pain that I have to go get new tasks, much less go waste money to recharge armor that's overkill for most tasks. Sure paying for recharge won't make me go broke, but it basically cuts away most of my profit from slaying unless I get a lot of lucky drops.
  19. Release them, not worth banking. Wearing hunter outfits may help, but I doubt it. First of all they aren't really in one of the 4 main regions, so I wouldn't know which outfit works (probably not snow though), and secondly even wearing random outfits I still get xp/h that is generally accepted there minus ~5k but that's moreso because I still check forums and such so I'm not always on top of collecting/resetting traps
  20. Even in a skill you like, grinding to 99 will get boring and you will quit and do other things, at least temporarily. Take whatever you do 1 level at a time, or even set mini goals, like getting to a certain level to get access to something better to train on. Thinking about getting 20+ levels or 10+ million xp won't do you any good.
  21. By your logic I shouldn't do something because someone else already did it. Guess what? Someone else, many people actually, have complained about skillcapes. Why the **** are you too?
  22. LRC is still better. Most people with low mining have low dun too I'd guess.
  23. Ranarr- like you said, 36 per world per hour, that's basically nothing, it's all hype on the players part and will settle back soon Frost dragons- It'll even out to be more expensive than dragon bones, but dragon bones will be less expensive. Plus with 85 dun req, it's not like everyone at green dragons is going to rush over to frosts. Iron/Steel and anvils- a minuscule amount of smithing xp per task won't make up for losing the ferocious ring benefit, maybe some iron/steel campers will migrate over, but again, the smithing xp/hour is really low, it's not like jagex handed out free 99 smithing unless you camp there for years New rune rocks- 3 new rune rocks that will be crowded as **** for ever? Rune ore will drop slightly long term, but rune smithing will not be profitable or overtake addy plates as more efficient New coal/mith/silver- Coal has been saturated in the market since MTK, I see no difference in price. I don't see mith falling much either, it's already pretty low priced, most people who buy it probably use it for the blast furnace then use the bars themselves, most people who sell it just can't mine addy/rune yet. Lastly, people here will be people who would be mining in the guild anyway, so maybe they get 10% at best more efficient by having a closer bank, that's not much of a difference. It won't be at all like gold when LRC came out. Silver is irrelevent to train with in mining, smithing, and crafting(maybe in f2p it's more viable, but it's still only 3 spawns).
  24. Fast sc thread is 93-94-122-61061308 Yeah, I forgot about the forum being reworked.
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