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TICT - Bk through r2 of 50 vs 50 - by default- (VR withdraw)


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After speaking to one of VR's council members and finding out they had several members DDOS'ed in their DH fight, it was mentioned that VR may be pulling out of the 50 vs 50 they had schedualed against BK on sunday the 14th of feb. Shortly after I went into VR's IRC and spoke to VR advisor Craiggg and he confirmed that VR leadership had fully agreed to withdraw from the 50 vs 50 and i believe the rest of the competition.


[03:01] <Craiggg> sup

[03:01] <andy_k_47> been chattin to airishot and he said ur pulling out tip.it tourne

[03:01] <andy_k_47> isit tru?

[03:01] <Craiggg> yea just guna get ddosd so no point l

[03:02] <andy_k_47>* edited out*

[03:02] <andy_k_47> and thats 100% confirmed within your leadership?

[03:02] <Craiggg> yea we done

[03:02] <andy_k_47> alright, gutted was well looking forward to fighting you


BK were looking forward to fighting #1 clan in BK and unfortunately it cannot take place now. Thus BK are claiming a win by default, as the opponants are leaving the competition. Sorry it had to happen like this, as myself and BK were looking forward to the fight, however I fully understand why you have had to do this.


Bk would like to wish VR the best of luck in future wars. Please keep flames off this topic.

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probably Vr wouldnt be ddosed like crazy horses if they actually stop making beef

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This hasn't been confirmed. BK officials should have contacted Clan Staff before just trying to claim the win like this. Locking this, and we'll investigate. BK, I expect you to contact staff in the future before just going off and posting a win with just a copy and pasted log. Thanks.


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