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You can submit a recover a stolen account request(Same place as password recovery) and it should boot them off. If you were under attack and you xed out or something then you would still be under attack.

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Ithappened lots of time to me back in the time when I pressed logout while being attacked by a random or a monster. I don'T think it's possible anymore, though.



I'd just retry in a few minutes. Unless you don'T have a PIN, which should make you worry, and do what the above poster said.

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This happened to me the other day..was because I logged out nearby a monster spawn, logged in and the runescape page wouldnt get past "logging in" and then just sat there, only for one world though. Then I tried logging in on another and it wouldnt let me. Next thing I know I'm in lumby saying ffffffffff- cuz I lost my money pile and all the gear I had with me..



tl;dr dont log out near aggressive monsters. Ever.


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