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Old names now available 4-3-2010

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I'm really disappointed :( The name I really wanted was cleared this tuesday. I noticed it when I came home from school on tuesday as it had changed to a random number in my friends list. But it turned out someone else took it while I was at school :( And I have been waiting for that name for half a year... I guess I'll have to wait for that person to get tired of it or something.


What was it? I have some okay ones you might want lol

It was "Ez". I guess it was bound to be taken since it was a 2-lettered name. I'm all open for suggestions :)

Ez is in my friend list :P hes finnish pker

:-o I need to make some kind of deal! :razz:

[insert birds flying in a circle here]

Yes, that sig was annoying.

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Just got back ability to change my name today, thought I wouldn't find the name I wanted, and as I expected "Surreality" was taken. Looking through a couple of others I found "Halberdier" was free and grabbed it, wasn't too fond of it at first but I think I like it now. Only wish I could have gotten "Altair" but that's been taken for weeks now.

From the empty days of hope, deny the darkness
Follow my voice, we'll run far away from here

If only to hide, to escape this life
And live forever, forever in the sun

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