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'safe' PVP worlds


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Safe PvP Worlds are already in the game.

there are?where?

It's called Clan Wars.


theres no need to create a whole nother world just for a 'safe' PvP experience. clan wars is plenty big enough to support it, and a sompletely new, full RS world thats 'safe PvP' would be a waste of space.

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I don't see a point, as others said. Sure it might be cool to run around fighting in Varrock with no risk of death, but then again it is really that much better than FFA Safe CW that we need a whole new server(s) for it?

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One positive that I see to this is the ability to fight someone for a training spot. Outside of that, however, I don't see all that much reason for them, although they would be fun.

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That would be a pretty fun world, since you cannot lose your items in any way. (Apart from stupidly dropping them though...)


Perhaps make one of the "no activities" servers for it?


Oh and PvP +1 worlds. We need those.




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Assuming that you WOULD lose your items if killed by a monster, people still would be able to use these worlds to fight monsters with a lot less risk. They simply would have a friend kill them at low health, thus losing no items.

But since that monster may have done 5000 damage you've healed from, and your friend does 150, guess who gets the kill.

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for the npc problem,solution 1:- they could make it so that you cant attack someone who attacked a monster for at least 30 secs.

solution 2:-npc or not, no items lost, (like a safe minigame, only larger)



post your support :P


edit: like new siggy :)?

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