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[TWR] Envy Vs Ascension


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Envy vs Ascension

Link to declaration topic:





Rules -

* Melee/Binds/Range

* No Corrupt/Dung

* Rings Allowed

* Team to clear crashers

* World -TBA-

* East Tree to Spiders

* 60 Minute PVP PKRI

* 3 Sniper Cap

Before anything, I want to give a shoutout to Dragonwood for the AC. It was good to have a clean fight in pvp with asc which is what we wanted, and you guys made sure of that . There were obviously a few snipers or so at random points in the fight but fights in pvp will never be 100% clean, this was close to that and nothing from the outside affected the outcome of the result


As for ascension, thanks for the clean fight. Always a pleasure fighting you



We were pumped for this war we knew we would take home the victory! We pulled great 30+ on teamspeak and ingame and had very quick piles here and there. Without our members/officials we wouldnt of won, good job guys!

We clearly outperformed Ascension today in all ways!

(09:26:29) <%Zeldagamer13> but ya ur good


So now for the recap; Asc aprroached us for a 60 min pkri which we accepted. We were uncertain since we lost our pkri that weekend but decided to accept it and bounce back. Signups looked decent, and we started off with 33 in teamspeak. ASC had around the same opts as us starting ingame. And then.. runescape hpapened


We knew we had this from the start as we dropped piles fast, and returned well. Motivation was good, everyone returned and fought hard, teamspeak was booming and we knew it would be hours. Froum our (and the ac's) perspective we dominated for most the war. Near the end we got a bit complacent and made some mistakes though by piling their snipers for a few minutes and letting them regroup at RDG. After an hour of fighting ending opts were taken, and we had a few more, taking the win.


Starting options:

Envy -



Ascension -



Ending options:

Envy -


+ a few more


Ascension -



Random pictures:





Thanks for the fight again, and don't take the spams offensively, we're only returning the favour from our previous CWRI


I personally wasnt there due to having computer problems but i am very proud of how they did today :)

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~~~Proud Ex-Council of Tempted Killers, There Since Day One~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~No Regrets, Only Memories ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



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looks like my boys/gals did a good job Gratz my [racist term]s :thumbsup: gokuu was right Gokuu: Na Idiort we founda pull 35 and kill these crakas <--lmao

Talk crap to me or about me. I talk crap back. Say it in my face, i'll say it back in yours.

If you dont like me.

Get over it or stay red mad, Cause i dont give a f. K?


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