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Found this list somewhere some of the stuff is hilarious! U can tell it was made at the time when blue and alchemon were the top dogs. :razz:




Your character might be too strong it


You log on and the servers crash.

Greater demons are green to you.

You kill somedbody and it deletes them instead of sending them to Lumby.

Casting Water Strike creates a new lake.

The anvils can't take the shots from the hammer.

You cast Weaken on your opponent and he goes into a coma.

You use a Fire Blast and the ice cave melts.

You're the reason they took away the PK system.

Your fighting stats hit triple digits.

You log in and everyone else logs out.

You walk into the wilderness and it's deserted.

You can kill demons with a bronze sword.

You start inventing your own spells.

Other players pray to you.

Monsters never get 3 rounds to run when you attack them.

You walk up to the greater demon spawn, and the crowd parts to let you pass.

You turn on Protection from Missiles, go into the wilderness for a 2-hour killing spree, and when you return, you still have prayer points left.

You're the best in every skill on the server status.

You suffer a nasty 15 second lag and come to surrounded by rune large helms.

When Bluerose asks to buy something you made.

When Alchemon offers to be your bodyguard.

When there is an option of "Do not allow people to follow me" made just for you.

When Bluerose can't hit you with a spell.

When Andrew asks you, "What would be challenging for you?"

When the server status refuses to put your name on it because it "discourages people from playing."

You can't find anyone to fight in wilderness level 48.

For fun, the mods ask if they can gang up on you.

You log on and people start PMing you there passwords.

You killed the dragon and you didn't gain a level from the quest.

You can open locked doors with your hands.

All rats and spiders in a 30-square radius of you die instantly when you walk past.

You have fletching and herblaw levels already.

Andrew goes insane trying to create a monster you can't kill.

Instead of seeing the "Attack" option in the wilderness, people see "Don't even try it, pal".

Your combat level is written in scientific notation.

You go to the black hole experience without a disk and come out fine.

Imps start tipping you off as to who took which bead, and where you can find them.

The altars pray to you.

You kill a monster and it doesn't respawn.

Alchemon begs you to log off so he can be on server status.

Greaters take strength potions to fight you.

Oziach doesn't bother wasting your time and just GIVES you the Rune Plate.

You ARE the server status.

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