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Can anyone make me a forum sig please?


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Could anyone possibly make me a forum sig please? i was hoping it would be a hybrid upclose in ghostly robes, climbin boots, avas accumulator and ancient staff on the right hand side and on the left hand side it would say DevoutGodz


Either that or something to do with ice barrage or ancients would be great! :D

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You may want to post a screenshot of that setup and put it here yourself for whomever decides to make that sig. Fraid I can't do sigs though >.<

Squab unleashes Megiddo! Completed all quests and hard diaries. 75+ Skiller. (At one point.) 2000+ total. 99 Magic.
[spoiler=The rest of my sig. You know you wanna see it.]

my difinition of noob is i dont like u, either u are better then me or u are worst them me

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Well if it bothers you that the game is more fun now, then you can go cry in a corner. :shame:

your article was the equivalent of a circumcized porcupine

The only thing wrong with it is the lack of a percentage for when you need to stroke it.


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Right a person with 2 posts requesting a pixel?


What difference does it make? He's asking for a forum sig and I love to photoshop.


Because he's just going to take it to another forum and probably won't cite you as the artist. No one's stopping you, though.

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Btw, if someone is doing this in paint I would suggest you color in the ghostly robes all grey (with shading, ofc), and then go into gimp and adjust the transparency settings over the background layer. Saves you a lot of trouble in paint.


By popular demand, this signature is back- however I currently do not have a blog up at the moment and if I did I wouldn't update it. Sorry, the sig links to nowhere :( .

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Yeah, it's a bit more than 75KB over the maximum file size allowed (100KB is max), if you want to use it, reduce the size. (Unless it's not even used on TIF.... :unsure: )

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