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  1. Mio


    What does 'Lol' mean? :-| I only know 'L'... L
  2. I've gotten a few noted drops since the ROW update came about, My latest one (Yesterday) was a noted swordfish drop. I have no idea if that was the ROW doing it's job or what, But I'm keeping mine on me.
  3. Just my luck, Whenever a Exp weekend comes around I loose interest in playing. :/ I may grind some Dungeoneering since I will regret not doing so at a later date...
  4. Why not just spend that money furthering skills you enjoy or can get some use out of instead of wasteing it on a cape just to show off with?
  5. Maul for the strength lulz.
  6. Even thought it can be rather tedious, What I've done for the past 3 herblore levels since it costs so much to train doing potions was clean grimy kwuarms and sell back to the G.E, You don't loose as much, and it's possible to profit, Plus I use all Penguin points and lamps I come across on it... So I'm slowly getting there.
  7. Dude, learn to spell. It's not that hard. But I do like the chocatrice cape. It would match well with yellow d hide if they ever decided to make that, maybe it would have an 80 range requirement. yellow d'hide* Learn to spell. It's not that hard. Spell;* Learn to grammar; It's not that hard.
  8. ♪ They see him trollin', they hatin', moderators tryin' to catch him postin' dirty. ♪ OT: 1/10, The 1 is just there because I havent actually done the quest yet... :ohnoes:
  9. Oh I see what you did there... But OT: Yeah, Farming is one of my main sources of income, I make about 500k a day from farming on a good day I guess...
  10. All quest lines come to a close in one big quest, Old 'Finished' quest lines brought into it aswell, a Mass war between the fremminks, Monkeys, Falador White knights etc... You must pick a side to battle along side with. Once the quest is complete that's it, No more quests, no more updates, and a slow decline in servers...
  11. I prefer combat over skills, but it does get boring at certain levels... I'm at that kind of level with 81 attack 80 str and 80 def where all the boss monsters are taunting me, and I still can't kill them yet... So yeah it does get boring over time but skills there is a large variety of what to do, which can make them fun aswell. If merchanting was a skill, It'd be skills all the way.
  12. Farming or Slayer... I don't have fun Dungeoneering, It bores me. :? Or any combat skill for MHing...
  13. I got a clue from turoths, (Level 3) and I got an Yew Composite from it, which is suposed to be in level 2? Not sure if this is to any use, It just confused me abit. I should've screenshotted it, but too late now.
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