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Paranormal Investigations


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I want to say something right off the bat: This is not the thread to debate the existence of the paranormal. We've had threads for that in the past, and it seems some people will be interested in this thread, and some won't. Fine. If you're not interested, no need to post.




Anyways, I said in the today thread a while ago that a group of people and myself would be interested of doing a paranormal investigation of an abandoned house nearby. As enthusiastic as I was about it, we've decided that our first try will be at another one about a mile south of the first. This house has been designated "Monroe".


There is a hole in the plywood over one of the front windows, through which I snapped this picture, and brightened it up. I was surprised to find that it's still fully furnished for some reason. It's worth noting that when I was taking pictures around the property, the battery indicator on my camera was going crazy.






[spoiler=Monroe Pics]

Front Exterior








Back Exterior




Interior, from same hole in window. Flash was MUCH better this time. (Almost looks like daylight)





[spoiler=Monroe Videos]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpnDRHaW2jY





This was the original house. Forced entry won't be necessary here, as the plywood over the wall has already been ripped off, and is currently resting in the cracked driveway. We've been in the front room, so we have some ideas as to what we're looking into.


- A presumably homeless guy that walks around the area and asks people if they believe in God. He has a long, thick beard, is always in the same clothes, and wears a cross around his neck. I've only seen him myself once, and I kept my distance. We've nicknamed him "Church". I'd like to find Church and interview him, because of the religious stuff we've found there.


- The power is off and much of the wiring has been taken, but a digital thing on the wall is still actively showing a display.


Other stuff: Trophy (with a cross on top) has a date of 2001, despite record cases on the ground which would indicate that the house was abandoned much longer ago. Also, these records are all in Spanish.


The map of Church House as we know it:



Remember that for most (not all) of these pics, the flash was on (and very effective). It wasn't actually that bright, and we actually just kinda used the flash as our guide to what was in the rooms. In the upper bedroom, the open vent was letting some light in.


This isn't all of it, we had to run before we could check the room at the end of the hall, and the basement.


[spoiler=Church House Pics]







Front Room










Dining Room











Lower Bedroom




Upper Bedroom






Although we had to leave far too early, we did make some significant discoveries.


-A card in half-Spanish half-English writing, apparently from a son to a father. Owners had at least one kid.

-Among the clutter was a 90's VCR.

-Mattress in Upper Bedroom = Possible homeless? Church?

-Bathroom door was open. The doorknob is gone, and we'd have needed a screwdriver to open it up. Last time we were there we couldn't open it. When we were there today, it was open. Even if the house is used by Church or others, what would they want in there? Plumbing is gone, so it's not the obvious answer.


[spoiler=Church House Vids]





[spoiler=Amityville Horror]

To be honest... I'm not 100% sure this is it. In any case, we found 108 Ocean Ave, Amityville, NY.











All I have to say right now, post anything related I guess.


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Unlisted? Eh, anyway, I'd just bolt cutters. JUST SAYIN'

Probably the better tool, yes, but I think a group of teenagers entering a store and buying bolt cutters might raise some eyebrows.


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If you're planning to break in and enter someone else's property, I wouldn't go putting it on Youtube.

It's unlisted. Anyways, it probably belongs to the town.

He still makes a good point. Even if it's not technically owned by anyone you can still be charged with breaking and entering, or at the very least trespassing.


BTW: it's still considered breaking and entering even if you don't actually "break" anything to get in (ie: the Church House), so be careful.



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So, Kaida is the real version of every fictional science-badass? That explains a lot, actually...

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That's why you don't go in a group :mellow:

Don't you think it'd be suspicious either way?


I'm certainly not disagreeing with you though, you're absolutely right. @ Kaida, I'm aware that it's still illegal. While it's doubtful that anyone will actually blow the whistle, if we do get caught, we're going to explain what we were doing, show our cameras, etc...


We may still get in trouble, but running would only make it worse.


Edit: @ paul, Monroe has had weird sounds and lights coming from inside.


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Be careful. I've had some friends that went to this "haunted highway" in Arkansas where there were pentagrams drawn on the road, and they ended up having a car wreck.


Those poltergeists aren't very safe drivers.



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When do you plan to do your first proper investigation? Not going to lie, that house looks amazing. The fact that it's power has been cut to it is even better. I wonder if you'll encounter any disembodied voices or evps in spanish...haha. Any other background on the house? What'd Church say about it?


I would love to do an EVP session in there. It's my favorite method of investigation simply because it's the hardest to tamper with and it's the easiest sort of findings to present to skeptics--which isn't to say skeptics are bad, but when you present a photo that you know isn't edited and they whine "This is [email protected]!" when I know it's not...because I took it. I'm not a fan of live play-back though, like those toolbags in Ghost Adventures, because it's too easy to let your emotions alter your perception of what you're experiencing.


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Thanks for the interest, Kimberly. :razz:


I wasn't going to, but you're right, I'll buy us some tape recorders for it. EVP would be awesome! Guess I better learn some basic Spanish, too. I haven't talked to Church yet, but if I can find him I'd like to. But he'll have to wait, as we're doing Monroe first.


The investigation will probably take place in the next few weeks. This thread may die for a while, and I'll bump it when we have something new to show. As for now, I'm taking the train to Amityville next week with my friend, who's also a main member of the group. Would be cool to get some video of the exterior of the infamous Amityville Horror before the real investigations start.


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Dizzle, if the spirits kill you, can I have your computer?




Be sure to post what "Church" has to say.. I have a feeling that interview will be quite interesting.

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Another thing I think I should mention to the group is to WATCH THEIR DAMN STEP. When we were scouting out Church House yesterday, one friend, Tyler, stepped on a nail. Thing came right up through his shoe between his toes.


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A good digital recorder will last you a lifetime and won't run you more than $40. It's also a great way to archive what you find. Heck, I even use the recorder on my MP3 player. A digital recorder doesn't have to be high end--those really fancy ones just pick up too much useless junk and noise. What other methods did you guys plan to use when you do a walk through?


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We were going to use my digital camera, but I don't think it's a good idea. It doesn't hold the charge, and it picks up too much background noise, so I'll probably have to buy another one along with a decent tape recorder like you mentioned. I'd also like to one with that Black&White infared thing like on most ghost hunting shows, as well as thermal. We were just using a flashlight in front of the camera, but this would probably look terrible, and we'd cast shadows that could be mistaken for evidence.


I'd also like to use a tape recorder and ask some basic questions (in English for Monroe, Spanish for Church), and see if we get anything.


Any recommendations for specific cameras/tape recorders to go for? Questions to ask on EVP? Questions for Church, for later on?


Edit: Added the map of Church House as much as we know of it to the OP.


Get back here so I can rub your butt.

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I'd also like to one with that Black&White infared thing like on most ghost hunting shows, as well as thermal.


Ooh those are a pretty penny though. You might be able to get a good deal at a rental store. Not a lot carry them, but it would be cheaper than buying one. A good thermal or night vision will run you well over 800$ USD. :/ I tried to get my father one for his birthday, since it's him and me who do the investigating, but I just couldn't afford it.


Any recommendations for specific cameras/tape recorders to go for?


Get something that uses a good recording format, mp3 ideally, and has a memory card (sd, microSD, and so on). The one my mom bought my dad was a little on the cheap end and it had it's own weird format and no real way to back up the audio files. Very disappointing, but it does get the job done. :/


Good audio programs to use though for reviewing is Audacity, which is free, and CoolEditPro, which isn't (sadface!)


As for questions...eh, whatever gets an answer, you know? You might be interacting with residual haunts, in which case you might not get answers to your questions but still hear something, or ones that are aware. I personally am afraid to try to provoke, because my beliefs are that there are poltergeists and demons who are 'evil', and I would be even more afraid to try that strategy in a place like amityville.


I just try to be respectful, really. If you get the reactions you seek, say thank you...feels wrong not to. Asking questions related to the area is great, but the standard "Is anyone there?" etc works just as well.


It's hit or miss. Just because you might not get an answer that night doesn't mean that something isn't there.


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