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The Runar's DIY blog — OSRS ultimate ironman

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I'm currently playing OSRS as an (unofficial) ironman. I started my current account (Old Runar) in February 2014.


My current OSRS goals:

  • 99 ranged
  • gilded altar
  • guthan's platebody
  • toxic blowpipe
  • serpentine helm
  • [hide=RS3 information (very outdated)]


    So, after reading some other DIY blogs (Sydney Prime and itam especially) I decided to make my own DIY account.


    [hide=What is DIY?]DIY ("do it yourself") basically means that everything I do on this account will be done without help from other players. No trading, no teams for bosses or dungeoneering etc.[/hide]


    [hide=My DIY rules]

    • no trading (GE or otherwise - except for two quests, Shield of Arrav and Heroes' Quest)
    • no assist system
    • all monsters will be soloed
    • dungeoneering will be trained solo
    • no multiplayer minigames (not sure about this yet - not that I play those minigames anyway)


    [hide=About myself]I'm a 20-year-old "nubby fin" who has played RS for over six years. I've always liked quests and skilling a lot; combat is nice every once in a while too. I used to play mostly DIY before GE, only trading with other players a few times (to get prayer potions and full rune for example).Other than RuneScape, I play Minecraft, roguelikes (such as Nethack - no, I haven't won yet) and sometimes Civilization IV/V and Dwarf Fortress.[/hide]


    Current stats:The_Runar.png


    Bank pics:

    5 May 2013

    8 Jan 2013

    29 Apr 2012

    16 Mar 2012

    5 Jan 2012

    16 July 2011








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Did Imp Catcher (ammy of accuracy, yay!) and Buyers and Cellars to get my thieving started.


I got a slayer task of banshees, which are pretty much impossible for me to kill right now - takes a whole inventory of trout to kill just a few. It's from Turael, so I can't change it either.


The plan is to kill chaos druids for a while to get my stats up (maybe 30 in all melees - will get me some herbs too) and then finish the task.

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The boss took a while, as I had to use a safespot and had no range weapon other than Kayle's sling. I couldn't be bothered to get a bow, so I killed him with the sling. The reward was certainly worth it, got 40 attack and I can move around much faster :)




Will be using this until I get a rune scimmy from fire giants ^_^



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